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10-year-old Ke’Mari Cooper of Tallahassee, was fishing with his father Velt at Waverly Pond Park. “Daddy, this a good one! Oh my goodness! … Oh my gosh! … I knew I was going to get one today, folks,” Ke’Mari screamed in excitement.

And then….this ultimate display of love and compassion.


“Let’s put this baby back in the water. My personal best. I hope you go back and be better. One day we’re going to meet back again. I’ll see you later.”

Ke’ Mari credits his fishing partner father for teaching him such important life lessons whilst spending such precious time together.

Says Velt, “He’s a bright young man, and I just wanted to pass on the genes that my father taught to me. It kept me out of trouble. It kept me humble. Fishing keeps me patient.

 I’m impressed and motivated by my son.

 By his fishing ability.

 And by his compassion.”

Said one comment to this video that never rang truer….

 Every true fisherman knows when to catch and release. This boy was raised right and his pure excitement catching his record fish is the most awesome thing to watch! 

This young man was indeed raised right.

Awesome kid.

Terrific father.

A lifetime bond.

As Brian Dekle wrote…

As the big bass swims away, Kemari shouts, “Show me what you working with!”

Kemari Cooper is “working with” a warm heart and a kind soul.

Yogananda once said that when he took a bite out of a sweet and juicy mango, he just had to share it.

He couldn’t keep it all for himself.

Please consider this my mango to share with all of you.

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  1. That young man is going to have a great future. My father showed me that same principle and I passed it on to my sons. If we all did this the world would be a much better place. Kudos to his father, great job

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