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According to the Hill, President Trump is saying that the investigation into Russia’s election interference has “destroyed” and “devastated” lives.

Not sure who the “young and beautiful” lives are that he is referring to, but gosh, they “went back home in tatters!” And they had “stars in their eyes”!!  Sounds to me like Il Douche watched a RomCom last night…

The same Russia investigation is being blamed as an “excuse” for the Democratic loss in the 2016 election.

Wonder what Trump will blame on the Russia investigation next?

I think I just created a list with unending possibilities.

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  1. Witch hunt? You don’t say. So far there’s 75 charges against 19 witches. 4 witches are cooperating. 5 witches have pleaded guilty. Manafort’s got charges State & Federal, & he’s on house arrest. They didn’t arrest him for singing too loud at church. Are they phony charges? Any destroyed young & beautiful lives have been tainted by contact with trump. Everything he touches turns to shit. They chose to work for Satan. They chose to lie to investigators. The smart ones had the good sense to save themselves & not lie to investigators. I do not feel sorry for the liars.


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