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Look, we all know who Donald Trump is. I’m not going to actually say it, it’s too close to Thanksgiving, and I’m trying to get my festive groove on. But, when you stop to think about it, most of what you know is second hand, it’s what’s reported to you, sound bites and snippets, coverage that may or may not have an intentional or unintentional bent to what is said.But there is a place you can go to find the real Donald J Trump, unfettered and unfiltered.

It’s Twitter of course.  Full disclaimer  I do not tweet, I have no account. Somehow or other I was never quite so self indulgent that I could mkake myself believe that anybody else on the planet with the exception of my wife honestly gave a shit if I was caught up in traffic on I-95, or had to wait in line at Subway. And besides, I have a very personal stone in my hoof about Twitter. The way I see it, if there was no Twitter, Donald Trump would be just another loud, rich asshole whose tv program you’d rather read a book than watch. Trump did not raise enough campaign money to advertise effectively, but he didn’t need to, Twitter gave him the same basic platform for nothing.

Donald Trump loves Twitter, he obviously couldn’t live without it. And his less than 100 watt surrogates hail it to the heavens as well. How many ties have you heard His Lowness, Sarah Sanders, and/or KellyAnne Conway sing the praises of Twitter because it allows the President to get his message out  to his supporters and the world unfiltered by the librul media. Somehow or other I get the feelings that these idjits didn’t quite think this one all the way through.

Personally, I believe all of them. Trump has trouble sleeping, this is known. There are no com shop people working for him at 1 am or at 4:30 am to put those tweets together. Nor would they ever write tweets like his. Who is the “real” Donald Trump? Well, let’s intellectual depth is so deep that he is able to generate nicknames like “Crooked Hillary”, “Lyin’ Ted”, and “Little Marco.” Not bad for a 6 year old on recess, but for a President? Who does he fight with? Black athletes protesting police violence by taking a knee. A black basketball player who dared to announce publicly that he would skip the team’s championship visit to the White House. The totally unimportant and inconsequential father of a black college basketball player who got caught shoplifting in China. A federal judge presiding over his case who had the gall to be born in Indiana of Mexican heritage. The gold star parents of a Muslim fallen hero soldier. The black gold star widow of another fallen hero. Picking up the pattern?

This is the “real” Donald Trump. A small, petty, insecure man-child with the intellectual depth of a sidewalk puddle, and the impulse control of a two week old puppy. This is not some kind of a political stunt, this is the Donald Trump that Donald Trump wants the rest of the world to know and love. A bigoted, anti woman, blustering bigmouth beset by narcissism, and a vocabulary of a high school freshman in remedial English.

The funny thing is that Don of Orange doesn’t seem to realize that his twitter tantrums are bigger than the man behind them, and it’s killing him. Look at what Trump has tried to accomplish by Executive eOrder since he got inaugurated, which is the only way he can go since his congress can’t even tie their own shoes. He pushed his “Muslim” travel ban, targeting majority Muslim countries. HE ordered that the government cease making scheduled payments to so called “sanctuary cities” for refusing to turn over undocumented immigrants. He ordered the military to stop accepting transgender soldiers. And what has been the universal outcome? The courts stayed his travel ban, his sanctuary city spanking, and his transgender military ban as being unconstitutional. And do you know what played a part in each one of those decisions? Trump’s twitter feed. In all three cases, the ruling judges took into account Trump’s motivations for creating the orders, and using his existing twitter feeds as evidence of his motivations. As Maya said, Trump showed them who he was, and they believed him.

So, if you ever want to find out who has gotten under his skin in the last 10 minutes, is about to  be discriminated against, or who will get those rights back again just as soon as the first court case can be heard, just check his Twitter feed.But if you ever stop looking at his deranged tweets as just something comical, and slightly pathetic for the leader of our contry, whenyou finally take a few minutes to actually read the tweets and realize that he actually believes this shit, a lot of them won’t seem quite so funny anymore.

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