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Vice President Mike Pence has been making speeches filled with lies, behind the scenes of late. He’s made some waves, wasting tax payer money to score bigoted publicity stunt political points with the misdirected right wing base. The past few days have been a whirlwind of wonder about what disgraced former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was saying or not saying to the Mueller investigation. It is beginning to seem more and more like Michael Flynn has taken every can of beans he has ever had and spilled them all over special investigator Robert Mueller’s desk. In a completely unrelated aside—Vice President Mike Pence took over President-elect Trump’s transition team in November, only days after the election.

The reorganization puts the urgent task of selecting cabinet officials and key West Wing posts in the hands of Mr. Pence, whose loyalty to Mr. Trump and deep contacts with the Republican establishment on Capitol Hill are seen as critical to navigating the often politically treacherous transition period.

But in shuffling those responsible for shaping his administration, Mr. Trump is also keeping close the inner circle of campaign advisers who are deeply skeptical of Washington and who helped design an outsider campaign built on angry and often divisive rhetoric. Stephen K. Bannon, the conservative provocateur and chairman of the Breitbart News website, will be a top transition adviser.


Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, and Michael T. Flynn, a retired lieutenant general who has been a top campaign supporter, will also serve as vice chairmen of the transition, the transition team said Friday afternoon.

Probably unrelated. We’ve all known that Mike Pence is lying about what he knew and didn’t know concerning Michael Flynn and Flynn’s activities. But we haven’t known how much he knew and exactly why he was lying. Did Pence meet with women that weren’t his wife alone? I kid, nobody wants to be alone in a room with Mike Pence. As journalist and law professor (and television news pundit) Seth Abramson points out.

As Daily Kos’s Hunter has reminded everyone from time to time—Mike Pence is a nutcase. And he’s also a criminal. He should probably go to jail. Please. 

That seems to be true Mr. Pence. That seems to be true.

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