Most presidents who might have found themselves recently impeached, “recent” meaning that very week, might want to lay low a bit, keep their head down, make plans on surviving the near future. Most presidents don’t get impeached, and no president has even been like Donald Trump. Only Trump would throw a “Studio 54” themed party at Mar-a-Lago the Saturday after a Wednesday impeachment.

Nothing says “I am a responsible leader who takes public service honorably, and am deliberating on my mistakes and plan for the future” like a party glorifying the days of cocaine-fueled club debauchery with Andy Warhol, Mick Jaeggar and Roy Cohn. This time, Rudy Giuliani played the role of Roy Cohn, the man who as former U.S. Attorney and mayor of New York City would likely have arrested half the people attending a Studio 54 party for committing a felony of some kind just being present.

Guess who else was there!

Yes, our man of Christ, Franklin Graham, because it wouldn’t be a Studio 54 party without rich, rank, hypocrisy, now would it? Not twenty-four hours after Christianity Today publishes its article about Trump’s intrinsic immorality, the son of the magazine’s founder slides onto the dance floor, probably got a popper in his pocket and a twenty three year old at his side, wondering if the money is worth it. The 23-year old is wondering if the money is worth it, not Franklin. He maximized his thirty pieces of silver long ago.

Guess who else was there?

This one is no joke at all. War criminal Eddie Gallagher, stabber of children. This vile creature’s presence tells you all you need to know about the rest of the party.

Two awful men, and likely two awful women.

This isn’t the first time Trump has had a “Studio 54” party at Mar-a-Lago. Nope. He had one a year and a half ago, right after meeting the kids and victims from Parkland. Nothing says “I need some cocaine and women” like meeting with kids who faced gunfire in their own school. I suppose we should count ourselves lucky that only impeachment presaged this particular Studio 54 themed “gala.”

Actually, Trump first attended a big gathering of “Turning Point USA,” which I guess (correct me if I am wrong) is the new version of the college Republicans, the younger crowd. Maybe it is just a coincidence that Trump had his big party at Mar-a-Lago after attending a summit of college-aged girls that swoon in his very presence. Trump gave a talk to Turning Point that would have most people turning away:

So that happened.

The other thing I want to point out, beyond just how awful it is to begin a season that is supposed to be about family and reflection, with a party themed on conspicuous consumption and cocaine-fueled promiscuity, is that how many of us over forty even want to attend “parties” like this anymore?

Am I missing something here?

I can totally see the appeal of something like that back when I was in my 20s, indeed I sought out such happenings back them. But, chalk it up to growing old and needing more sleep, or chalk it up to simply reaching adulthood, the desire to hit-up coke parties with loud music and wild women left me long ago.

But not our president, and definitely not our president when something bad happens. Whether it is a couple dozen kids gunned down at school, or his own impeachment, when our president might be feeling glum, he wants to revisit the good old days, when he and Mick, and Andy could do a couple lines, and three models on a table, and not have anyone care.

I am just not that into “parties” anymore. Maybe I am missing out on something. But, I spent my Saturday night taking my daughter to Star Wars with her grandparents, three generations of us. We had a good time, and it felt kinda of right, being Christmas and all. If one is going to spend the holidays with a female near thirty-five years younger than you, taking one’s daughter to a movie is the way I prefer to do it.

Not our president, hero of the evangelical right, with its leader Franklin Graham there to … say the blessing over the cocaine and hundred dollar bills? Speaking of one-hundred dollar bills, you paid for a lot of this:

The party doesn’t appear to have been quite as much fun as those wild Mar-a-Lago bashes with Jeffrey Epstein back in the day. But it had something going for it that those parties didn’t — taxpayer money funded a huge part of it, with the rest is paid for by rich people willing to pay for play with the president of the United States. Huffington Post reports:

In other news, Fox News used to rage about President Obama using tax payer dollars to wing off to Hawaii, where he spent quiet Christmas vacations with his family in a nice villa. Obama was never more the “nation’s dad” and family man than at Christmas, but he was black and a “socialist,” so Fox let it rip. When a 72 year old thrice married, impeached man-child wants a cocaine-themed dance party paid in part by the taxpayers (socialism?), it gets a pass from Fox.

Something isn’t right, here.

Star Wars was good, though.


Peace, y’all

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