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Vicki Ward’s new book, “Kushner, Inc.” drops on March 19, and already Sarah Huckabee Sanders has used her lame go-to excuse, the Evil Media gives attention to Evil Books, rather than recognize the “great work Ivanka and Jared do for the country.” But, this is nothing new. Sanders has attacked the media on Ivanka’s behalf before. She said this on Hugh Hewitt’s show in 2017:

“I think it’s shameful the way that she’s been treated,” Sanders said of coverage of the president’s eldest daughter. “If she didn’t have the same last name, they would be celebrating her. They would be praising her. They would be thanking God that she is sitting in a position that she is to influence policy and help women across this country.

Now, no argument here that she is “sitting in a position to influence policy and help women.” My only question is when the hell does she propose to start? It’s been two and a half years already.

In any event, the latest salvo across the bow that Hucky Boo Boo is trying to fend off, is the onslaught of queries she’s receiving about Kushner, Inc., which portrays Javanka as considerably more sinister than the GQ and Vogue outward appearances that they have taken great pains to cobble together. There are also some rather humorous anecdotes, such as the one about how the letter Trump dictated about firing Comey, didn’t even get sent to the right printer in the White House. That’s right. But that should come as no shock, if you recall this is the staff that had trouble turning on the White House lights back when they moved in, and doing a press release without typos is near impossible for them.

Here’s what happened with the Comey letter.

[I]n early May [2017], an aide to Gary Cohn, who had an office on the second floor of the West Wing, noticed a document on his printer. It appeared to be a letter from Trump, firing Comey. It also appeared to have been sent to the wrong printer. …

Trump was livid about the attention the FBI investigation was attracting, but to fire the head of the FBI while it was investigating him was an extraordinarily risky move. …

Cohn told his aide to take the letter straight to [then-White House counsel] Donald McGahn, who also had an office on the second floor of the White House (and whose printer it had clearly been meant for). Upon receiving it and realizing it had been printed in the wrong place, McGahn said, “Oh, f!@#!”

Take a moment to get this into perspective. Here is an historic occasion, unprecedented (that’s that exhausted old word, ready to collapse like an ancient horse, in its traces) — the president of the United States firing the head of the FBI. This does not occur every day. But the letter, which is classified information, to all intents and purposes, ends up going who knows where in the White House. This is a level of incompetence that would not be tolerated in any decent law firm in a small town, but it is standard operating procedure at the Trump White House. And staffers within have been protesting since the beginning. Why else the historical (and yes, unprecedented) staff turnover. Washington Post:

 “You could start draining the swamp by removing your in-laws,” tweeted [Marc] Corallo, a conservative Republican.

Yet shortly after the caustic tweet, Corallo was surprised to find himself being asked to become the White House’s communications director. He turned that offer down….

“Don’t you want to serve your country?” Kushner asked Corallo, according to Ward’s book.

“Young man, my three years at the butt end of an M16 checked that box,” Corallo, an Army veteran, is quoted as responding.

Here are more excerpts from the Guardian.

Ward reports that Tillerson blamed Kushner for Trump’s abrupt endorsement of a provocative blockade and diplomatic campaign against Qatar by Saudi Arabia and several allies in June 2017. The US has thousands of troops stationed in Qatar.

Tillerson “told Kushner that his interference had endangered the US”, an unidentified Tillerson aide tells Ward. Tillerson is also said to have read negative “chatter” about himself in intelligence reports after Kushner belittled him to Kushner’s friend Mohammed bin Salman, the controversial Saudi crown prince.

Meanwhile, Cohn is said to have rebuked Kushner in January 2017 after it was revealed Kushner had dined with executives from the Chinese financial corporation Anbang, which was considering investing in the Kushner family’s troubled tower at 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

“You’ve got to be crazy,” Cohn is said to have told Kushner in front of others. Kushner met the executives around the time he hosted Chinese government officials at the Fifth Avenue tower. The building was eventually refinanced by a Qatari-backed investment fund.

Believe it or not, even Ann Coulter told Trump not to hire his children.

Before John Kelly was finally shown the door, he said that the White House was “a miserable place to work,” and he said that Javanka “were playing government.” Yes, indeed they are. Playing. In Jared’s case, with nuclear reactors, (which he discussed selling to Saudi Arabia in January, 2017.)

This is only one more in a line of books on this batshit crazy misfiring of democracy, known as the Trump administration. Wait until the movies start coming out.

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