Yo, Prez! You better muzzle Donnie Redux, he’s baying at the moon again.


I have a favorite old saying that I think fits nicely here, “You dress ’em up nice, you tie their shoes, you walk them off to school, and what do they do? They try to eat the covers off of the books.” What else can ya do?

Trumps Mini-Me is out of his kennel again, and he’s acting just like your grandmother’s Pomeranian, running around in circles, yip-yip-yipping his empty little head off, and pissing all over the living room carpet in excitement.

I’m glad to see that “Psycho” Sean Hannity wasn’t the only one who soiled his codpiece in ecstasy over the release of the Nunes memo. First Trumpenstein gleefully tweeted that the Nunes memo “vindicated” the Clueless Wonder as far as the Trump-Russia investigation is concerned. Then his brainless offspring goes on FUX News and says that he and the rest of the family feel a measure of “sweet revenge” at the contents of the memo.

*Siiiiiigghhhhh* OK Puddleheads uno e dos, let’s go through this again, shall we? First of all, there was not one single exculpatory word for the Pocket Caligula in that memo. In fact, Trump himself was never named at all, only references to the Trump campaign. The entire memo dealt with questions regarding the method of obtaining the secret FISA warrant to surveille Carter Page, who has been on the FBI radar since 2013, and who was no longer a member of Team Trump when the request was made. Not only didn’t it exonerate His Lowness, it shot the GOP in the foot by admitting that the investigation was actually started in response to George Papadopoulos’ big mouth, and not the Christopher Steele dossier. If Trump was strapped to the electric chair, the Governor would have been out on the golf course when this pardon request hit his desk.

But, as any parent can tell you, once you give a kid a Snickers bar, you can kiss goodbye to any hope of him taking a nap, you ain’t gonna get the widdle man under the covers anytime soon, he’s ricocheting around like a neutrino. In regards to his old man’s blatant racism, Moby Dickless spouted off about how his father couldn’t be prejudiced because he had pictures of himself with like, Al Sharpton, and rappers and stuff. Why do I get the feeling that the only rappers Puny Donnie knows are Vanilla Ice and Eminem, and they ain’t exactly brothers. And the Reverend Al Sharpton basically told him to stick his head back up his ass in a Skype response aired on Ari Melber’s show.

It ain’t bad enough for the GOP trying to clean up the Orange Julius’ verbal diarrhea, now they’ve got a howler monkey with family bloodlines hurling verbal shit balls all over the place. And we get to listen to this. “Children should be seen and not hears” is just one more life lesson Trump never learned in paying somebody else to raise his kids for him. Pity.

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