Yet another Trump supporter arrested—for making over 2,000 threatening phone calls to Democrats

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Thanks to Donald Trump, we once again get to see what the worst specimens of humanity look like.

From HuffPost:

A Utah man has been arrested on accusations he threatened to kill members of Congress during a three-year stretch with more than 2,000 phone calls to the U.S. Capitol and profanity-laden tirades about Democrats threatening the presidency of Donald Trump.

In one call last month, Scott Brian Haven dialed the office of an unnamed U.S. representative and purported to be standing right behind him and ready to “shoot him in the head” because “the Russians want him taken out because he is trying to remove a duly elected President,” according to charging documents unsealed Wednesday.

Haven was arrested this week in Kaysville, Utah, his hometown. According to the criminal complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the District of Utah, Haven threatened to cut off the heads of two senators in the course of a phone call made to the office of one of them in May 2018. Approximately two weeks later he called again. At that time his call was transferred to a female Capitol Police special agent whom he proceeded to call a “cunt” several times after she identified herself. He then threatened to “beat the shit” out of the agent and invited her to try to come and arrest him.

At this point, Mr. Haven was identified and linked to numerous prior recorded calls he had made to members of Congress.  He was contacted by FBI agents in November 2018, at which time he denied making any calls except for the one to the agent. Haven stated at that time that “Conservatives don’t commit violent acts against political opponents; that type of behavior is conducted by people on the left.” He also contended that “Law enforcement should be investigating groups like Black Lives Matter” instead of bothering him. Inexplicably, he was not arrested.

Scott Brian Haven, Trump supporter.
(Weber County Sheriff’s Office)

On September 18, Haven made another call to an unnamed senator, stating that he was upset that Democrats were trying to “destroy Trump’s Presidency.” He declared he was coming to “hang” the senator.

Haven commonly alluded to him and other gun owners taking matters into their own hands, charging documents show.

He told a staffer for an unnamed senator in September 2018 that there were “far more Second Amendment people than whiny, crying liberals,” the documents said.

He called back the next month to the same office and said, “We will exercise our Second Amendment rights to address Democrat mobs that threaten conservatives,” according to the documents.

In subsequent contacts, in addition to his professed fealty to the Second Amendment, he blamed the “Democrat Party” for trying to “steal” elections in Florida, Arizona, and Georgia. He also made statements in support of Brett Kavanaugh. He threatened to shoot members of Congress repeatedly. Inexplicably, he was not arrested at this point either.

In January 2019, he again called the same (unnamed) senator, saying that he could not teach his daughter morality because Democrats “were killing babies.” He then called the senator a “bitch” and asked them if they “like being a fucking baby killer.”

No, he was not arrested at this point, either. He proceeded to call the senator in March, threatening to use his “Second Amendment rights” against them, then called still another senator in April 2019, threatening to put a bullet in that senator’s head. Then, in April 2019,  he threatened a House member, ranting about illegal immigration and “sanctuary cities.” He threatened to “blow [the representative’s] head off” at that time.

He still was not arrested. Throughout May he called additional members of Congress, claiming he was in the building and about to “blow some fucking heads off,” referring to a senator he had previously contacted, and also to former Senator John Kerry.

On June 3, this week, a special agent of the Capitol Police took out a sworn affidavit attesting to probable cause for Haven’s arrest, and he was taken into custody.

Haven has no prior criminal record in the state of Utah.

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I am surprised that they tolerated him for so long without taking action against him.
In Australia, if you threaten a parliamentary member on the phone or by email, The Australian federal police would be kicking your front door down before you got off the phone


Oh damn, another jerk drops from the circle.
Maybe his cell mate Bubba will take care of him.

David Bishop
David Bishop

Astonishing he was allowed to go uncharged for so long, yes, we are still doomed in US.


Only fools make these kinds of threats. WTF 2K, he should have been charged after the first.

True Patriot
True Patriot

It’s called White Privilege. If you don’t know, now you know, how it looks. Case closed.