The deadly contrast between national right wing media figures and local right wing radio cranks continues, unabated.

While the vaccinated national hacks talk down vaccines, mock mask mandates and rail against President Biden’s vaccine mandate (hewing closely to their Trumpian base), the vaccine-refusing, true-believer local radio hosts are dropping like flies.

Yesterday, Fox News host and nationally-syndicated radio whiner, Mark Levin, admitted he was vaccinated (something Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham have refused to acknowledge, though of course they’re vaccinated because, while they’re assholes, they only pretend to be complete idiots in order to mirror and cynically exploit their audience’s ignorance and idiocy).


Meanwhile, yet another local right wing radio host, Denver’s Bob Enyart, died from COVID.

Conservative firebrand Bob Enyart, the pastor of the Denver Bible Church and indelible talk show host, has died from COVID-19, his radio co-host announced Monday on Facebook.

In a bit of darkly comic irony, Enyart’s radio program was called “The Real Science Radio Show.”

Enyart and his wife refused to get the vaccine due to abortion concerns, he said on his website.

What a sweetheart the Reverend Enyart was…

He once traveled to New Zealand for the sole purpose of being arrested with a “Clinton is a Rapist” banner, according to a 1999 Westword profile.

On his old TV show, Bob Enyart Live, the host would “gleefully read obituaries of AIDS sufferers while cranking ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ by Queen,” Westword reported.

As Mark Sumner noted earlier today, Enyart is the sixth local anti-vax right wing radio host to die of COVID in the last six weeks.

The rubes and chumps have swallowed the lies and outrage, whole. Meanwhile, the likes of Levin, Carlson and Ingraham continue to pump out the propaganda that they, personally, do not follow or believe.

Fox Is Bragging About Vax Policies Its Hosts Claim to Hate

As Fox News incessantly rails against President Joe Biden’s new vaccine and testing requirements as “tyranny” and “authoritarianism,” the network’s parent company on Tuesday boasted of its own internal policies similar to those exact policies.

In a memo obtained by CNN reporter Oliver Darcy, Fox Corp. human resources chief Kevin Lord bragged that the vast majority of the company’s workforce is now vaccinated after calling upon staffers to input their vaccination status into a company-wide database.

As I have written previously, if your dream has always been to be a local right wing radio blabbermouth, get your audition reel ready. Plenty of vacancies ahead…

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