I did all the right things last year. I masked, got vaccinated as soon as I was eligible, and got boosted just before Christmas. My wife was also fully vaxxed and boosted.

Shortly after Christmas my daughter came to stay with us for a few days with her 1-year old. Shortly after they arrived, the 1-year old showed rosy cheeks and a mild fever and acted out of sorts. Two days later, she was her usual happy self. However, I started feeling a slightly scratchy throat (about 12 days after my booster), and my wife started feeling draggy. She was in bed the next two days with virtually no energy. She tested positive for Covid with one of the at-home kits, as did the 1-year old and our daughter. I tested myself, and was very weakly positive. Three days later, I tested negative and felt fine, as did my wife (mostly).

Four days ago, I started getting a scratchy throat and felt draggy; I had no energy the next two days. Developed an occasional cough that sounded like I was hocking up gravel. Thought it must be some other bug, since I’d just had Covid. Yesterday I felt better, and actually got some yard work done. My wife, however, picked up a scratchy throat. Tested myself with the same at-home kit today — positive. And not weakly, either. No idea where I could have picked it up this time.

We had been relying on the fact that we’d both had Covid earlier in the month, and were vaxxed and boosted, to give us a sense that “we’re good against Covid for the next couple of months, at least”. Turns out that wasn’t the case.

Like a yellow jacket at a picnic that wants your barbecue plate, this virus can keep coming back. Adjust your outlook accordingly, and good luck.

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