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Late Night with Seth Meyers, Screencapture / YouTube

While tweeting the Monday night opening statement of talk show host and political humorist Seth Meyers, Yashar Ali (@yashar) conveyed a feeling that expresses how many Americans feel. The writer and politico tweets:

It still stuns me that a late-night host is making statements like this about the President of the United States

Here the poignant opening video statement by Seth Meyers from NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers:

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Following his statement, Seth Meyers opens his show’s Closer Look segment where he: 

  • mocks the neo-nazi protestors and their tools of the trade 
  • hails a war veteran who fought the Nazis
  • censures Trump for his delay in being a decent human being (actually we’re still waiting on that one) 
  • compares KKK leader David Duke to Beavis (of Beavis & Butthead) 
  • slams White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon 
  • compares Stephen Miller to a character in the Ghostbusters’ movie
  • quotes a racist remark by AG Jeff Sessions
  • spoofs and exposes Mitch McConnell
  • spoofs the Mooch
  • compares Gorka to something you do when you think you’re going to burp—but instead you…

And there’s more. Here is the video segment sure to entertain: 

Yashar Ali is spot on for many of us, and yet we continue to be stunned daily. If there is some good to be found from the Charlottesville terrorist attack, it’s that the attack proves to the country and to the world that white supremacy is alive and deadly in America—and Donald Trump is no better that the neo-nazis that hail him. 

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