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Not only did this wing nut actually say those words… out loud… she recorded herself saying them… And then she proceeded to send that video to her kids…

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Federal authorities are attributing those words to Dawn Bancroft, and they say she was talking about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Bancroft and Diana Santos-Smith are now facing charges over the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.


The video was a “selfie” video which depicted BANCROFT and another woman, later identified as SANTOS-SMITH, in the process of attempting to exit the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. The video further captured a large mob of individuals who had become bottlenecked at a Capitol exit point. During the video, BANCROFT stated, “We broke into the Capitol…we got inside, we did our part.” BANCROFT continued, “We were looking for Nancy to shoot her in the friggin’ brain but we didn’t find her.” Your affiant believes that the “Nancy” BANCROFT was referencing is Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. BANCROFT was wearing a red “Make America Great Again” ski-cap style hat, and SANTOS-SMITH wore a red “Make America Great Again” baseball hat during the video.

Santos-Smith denied entering legislative chambers or offices. Bancroft discussed taking a video of her co-defendant inside the Capitol Building, saying she deleted it and told her kids to delete the copies she sent them, the FBI said. Her co-defendant had a similar story.


Bancroft and Santos-Smith face three charges: (1) Knowingly Entering or Remaining in any Restricted Building or Grounds Without Lawful Authority; (2) Knowingly Engaging in Disorderly or Disruptive Conduct in any Restricted Building or Grounds; and (3) Violent Entry and Disorderly Conduct on Capitol Grounds.

They’re facing three charges each so far… The good news for Ms. Bancroft is… she got her picture in her local paper today!

Bucks County Courier Times

A Doylestown-area business owner faces federal charges for allegedly storming Congress in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Dawn Bancroft, owner of Cross Fit Sine-Pari on Easton Road in Plumstead, was arrested Friday on a federal warrant.


An FBI tip on Jan. 12 led investigators to a video that allegedly shows Bancroft and another woman, Diana Santos-Smith, who is also from Pennsylvania, entering the U.S. Capitol building and threatening lawmakers.

That’s going to be great for business… She’s running a special this week on exercising her right to remain silent. I think she must have lapsed over the holidays though…

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  1. I hear prison is great for getting ripped… she worshiped the Orange Julius and now she get’s star in her own personal “Orange is the New Black” episode. Too bad she didn’t spend as much time on mental fitness.

  2. Hope she realizes she just added at least two probably more charges just for sending that video to her kids. And that’s not counting whether the kids are over eighteen. And that’s not counting what her kids might have done like show people the video. It’s a federal offense to transmit voice or video over the internet. That’s why you have the FCC. Federal communications commission.


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