Writer of the new Star Wars film will be donating all of his residuals to a beautiful cause

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One of the writers of the soon-to-be released blockbuster Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker is doing something very meaningful with the huge residual checks he is sure to be receiving in the coming decades. Colin Trevorrow has a story credit on the new Star Wars film, and though the experience was not necessarily a great one—Trevorrow was replaced as director of the film by J.J. Abrams early in the production run—he isn’t simply taking his money and running. According to Deadline, Trevorrow has announced his plans to dedicate all of the residual checks he will receive from the Christmas time film to the Alexander Devine Hospice, in the United Kingdom.

It was only recently that the Writers Guild of America made the decision that Trevorrow would receive a story by credit on the final film, and for most people this would such a huge financial win—regardless of the feather in the cap of having a credit on a Star Wars film—that in and of itself would be the story. But Trevorrow decided he’s got enough money and so his credit will go to a good cause.

“Through his films, George Lucas taught us about our connection to all living things. He taught us to take care of one another, and he set a powerful example himself. The Alexander Devine Hospice helps families in the most challenging of times. I can’t think of a more fitting way to honor George’s legacy.”

The CEO and co-founder of the hospice told Deadline that they were “blown away” by Trevorrow’s charitable gesture, saying “This extraordinary donation, the equivalent of paying for a nurse for a year, will really help us to continue to do this and importantly reach out to even more families that need us.“ The hospice is named after a young boy who passed at the age of eight after battling with cancer for half of his life. They provide free hospice services to children and families in need in the Berkshire area.

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