Wow! Trump Says Dems have “No Case,” Wants to Appeal to the SCOTUS?


Republicans made fun of the fact that President Obama had taught constitutional law. Of course they did. If there is one thing Republicans uniformly hate it is an “expert” on anything. It is harder to bulldoze people with bullshit when there are experts around.

I don’t expect Republicans to elect people qualified to teach constitutional law classes, that is not necessary. But I do expect a United States president to have a working familiarity with the principles in the constitution, and not this bullshit:

I don’t know, Trump. Check the report that you read on your way over! I would think that IF you could go to the Supreme Court “to stop,” it would be  in your fucking report!

By the way, he’s joking around, right? He knows that every American understands he won’t read a report that is one hundred and  … how many pages? … Who cares! As soon as you got past “One,” the report was “TLDR,” as far as Trump was concerned. He  knows that we  know he didn’t read the report. He doesn’t “read,” period. If he did “read,” he might know the basic mechanics of impeachment, or might not be getting impeached to begin with!

This is our sad state of affairs. “Our” president faces impeachment, the most consequential procedure that can be brought against a president, only the third in all of history. Yet we know that our “president” cannot be bothered to even read about how it all works. Indeed, he probably cannot sit through a thirty-minute talk on the matter, having it explained to him. Thus it is, that our current sitting U.S. president knows less about the mechanics of impeachment than your average high school senior government student.

And we just accept it! As if this were normal! 

We have been that gaslighted by this guy.

It is not normal. It is not normal that our president is internationally renowned for lying. It is not normal that our president had to pay off porn stars to get elected. It is not normal that our president kept his open business conflicts upon taking office. It is not normal that our president blackmails Republicans and fires people investigating him. It is not normal that our president seeks to weaken NATO to benefit Russia. It is NOT normal!

I refuse to act as though it were.

I am in a frustrated mood today. I have read more and more about Republicans now coming out fully on the “Ukraine helped Hillary” platform. Senator Richard Burr, the “good one” that ran a bi-partisan Intelligence Community just started talking about how the Ukraine government supported Hillary.*

*In a normal world, you could respond: “Well, that is because Ukraine had been our ally, and an enemy of Russia. Perhaps it is enlightening that our ally didn’t support the man who is corrupted by Russia?” But we’re not in a normal world.

If Burr is asking such questions, it means that the entire Republican party is now under Putin’s control. Putin has ordered his Republican coconspirators to start equating Ukraine with Russia, just Ukraine being for Democrats. If Burr is talking this shit, it is all over with respect to Republicans. It is already rigged.

It is upsetting.


Peace, y’all

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

You are absolutely right. This country and it’s wicked ways we be accountable for it’s evilness and wicked ways. Trump knows that Proverb 6:15 is the truth….”Therefore his calamity shall come suddenly . Suddenly he shall be broken without remedy. God did put Trump where he’s at, to show the people, especially the GOP, that hey can’t even see evil when it’s right in their face. And they will be held accountable.


ALL republicans are assholes.


It’s despairing to hear that the republitards are going down this road. The normalization of the constant lies and deception are not the ways of this great republic. Sooner or later they will be held accountable

chris whitley
chris whitley

Trump can’t read anything past a matchbook cover. And how many times does it take for him to know Supreme Court has no jurisdiction on impeachment.