Is there some wear and tear showing on the Right? Or is the stress really starting to get to Trump?

Tough to tell, but it is not every day where Trump chastises a couple of true Trump-apologists in the open Twitterverse, while unwittingly coming out in favor of stringent gun control.

It all begins with an unfortunate, but relatively mild, incident involving CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Cuomo was eating dinner with his family when a man who, for the purposes of this article we will call “a Trumper,” approached Cuomo.

The incident, captured on video found below, centers around Cuomo’s response to being called “Fredo,” which, according to Chris Cuomo, is being likened to the hapless character from “The Godfather” movies. “It’s like the n-word for us,” he claims in the footage.

In the video, Chris Cuomo was having none of it, and told the verbal assailant that he would “fucking ruin your shit.”

In other words, Chris Cuomo stood up for himself, rightly or wrongly. But no one was shot dead, no one wrote a manifesto, everyone could have moved on.

But some characters on the Right either sincerely wanted to get Cuomo’s back, or wanted to demonstrate a little anger themselves, having undergone similar taunts from liberal activists. Whatever their motivation, it actually doesn’t matter. Hannity issued the original Tweet, which Lewandowski supported and followed up:

For what it’s worth? I am fine with both Tweets, I am fine with Cuomo – who later admitted he regretted losing his cool – acting the way he did, and I am fine with two horrible people like Hannity and Lewandowski dipping their tepid toes into reality and, momentarily supporting Cuomo while claiming victimhood themselves.

Fine, if Hannity gets attacked while out with his family, and he says he’ll fuck some shit up, I don’t care. I am for activism, but I think there are better times and places than a dinner with kids who have no idea what one is talking about.

Want to know who does have a problem with Hannity and Lewandowski’s Tweets, and Cuomo’s response? Well, you know already, you clicked here. But this is a little stronger than you thought: (I use artistic license to put these in reverse order).

Wow, you of all people being offended by “cursing,” and then whining like the little snowflake you are? That’s really piling on what you originally said, when you actually included the video:

Holy Shit! What is your job again?

“Low Ratings”? You care about someone’s ratings? Have you seen Kim Jung Un’s?

Please, keep digging, as you did just a bit later:

Yes!! Anyone in America who has ever sworn about something akin to “fucking someone’s shit up” is absolutely too nutty to have any weapon, we agree!! That ought to sweep up about 99% of the weapons infesting our streets, leaving only a few Southern Baptist grandmothers in possession of their old .22 squirrel gun.

Donald Trump favors gun control!

Alright, I have had enough fun with that. Let us now put this into perspective. A banal verbal attack on a celebrity out eating dinner occurred. Somehow, our “president” had sufficient time to set aside “running the country” to note this unbelievably insignificant stuff. That same president then demonstrates just how little thought goes through his brain when Tweeting as he comes out in favor of stronger gun control than that found in Canada. Talk about a background check!!

And all that was before Trump lashed out at his most loyal servants, Hannity and Lewandowski, for doing nothing more than stating it is okay to rebut a verbal attack over dinner.

It is near impossible, I know, to read tea leaves or discern meaning in all this. And maybe I shouldn’t. But, one is awfully tempted to believe that perhaps the stress really is getting to Trump, perhaps he is decompensating? Yes, yes, “from what?” you ask. But, the point remains, he could be slipping further.

I do not know. I know it is not every day that Trump publicly goes after Hannity and Lewandowski on an issue that, really, couldn’t possibly matter less. We know what matters, and Trump blew those, too.


Peace, y’all.


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  1. Anything that pisses Trump off , I get a thrill. Eventually his head will explode and America can be made great again.

  2. Seriously, Trump is playing you guys. What he really did there is point out how absurd Red Flag laws are. That type of law gives someone in authority the power to decide who is crazy. Be careful what you wish for. You want someone like Trump to have that power?

    And by the way, Trump is addressing an important issue to the country. It’s definitely an unconventional way for a President to communicate but it’s strangely effective.

    • Did you not read this? “Somehow, our “president” had sufficient time to set aside “running the country” to note this unbelievably insignificant stuff.” So not an important issue!

      • Why yes, I did read it. Right up front in his second sentence Jason states that Trump comes out in favor of gun control. Presumably even you think that a serious issue for the country. Jason’s assertion is based on Trump calling Cuomo a raving lunatic that deserves to be RED FLAGGED. Trump is picking at the absurd notion of having a law that allows the government to decide who is crazy. He used a nominally insignificant issue to highlight something that should be of moment to all of us.

        • I disagree. In that case everyone who says anything against Trump deserves to be RED FLAGGED. i.e., me, you, Fake News, and if so, it would include the majority of our citizens. Frankly, I don’t see USA allowing a law like that to pass. We are all sick of reacting to every vile thing the Tresident (Treasonus Resident in our White House) says. So not a moment for me. However, I appreciate your reply. Have a good evening.

          • There are thirteen states that already have some version of a Red Flag law. And many more in various stages of adding theirs. It’s a significant issue.

            Thanks for the dialog.

          • Ok I see what you’re saying. “Red flag” laws allow courts to issue orders to temporarily confiscate the firearms of individuals deemed to be a risk to others or themselves.

            Depending on the state, ERPO laws allow family members and law enforcement to ask a state court judge to issue an order that confiscates the guns of an individual who they believe poses a threat to their safety. ERPO petitioners must present evidence to the court on why the individual poses a threat to others, as well as to himself or herself.

            So since D.C. has the law, does that mean we get someone to declare POTUS, who has the finger on the buttons of our nuclear weapons, or to impeach him over this? Listening to his rallies is sounds like a raving lunatic, misspells his own name. Unfortunately we all know Barr won’t let that happen.

            As far as issues are concerned with this POTUS, this one is at the bottom of my list.

            Thank you too.

  3. Don’t know where to put this, so I guess this is as good a place as any.

    Jason is my friend. Obviously we disagree on nearly everything from a political perspective. We come at things from wildly different perspectives yet I respect his right to believe the things he does.

    I worry sometimes that Jason’s obsession with all things Trump is unhealthy and tends to cloud his judgement. I have to tell you, I was NeverTrump before that was a thing. If I thought there was a legitimate challenger to primary him I would be on board. Having said that, the alternative from the other side of the aisle is infinitely more dangerous than putting up with dumbass tweets for another term.

    What I have attempted to do here the last few weeks is to stimulate dialog between people that is at least a couple of steps less childish than what has happened so far. Just look at the comments in this particular thread. I get it. You people hate Trump. So what? That’s a given. I don’t know about Jason, but I’m looking for something a little more advanced. Like actually commenting on the policies and the issues Jason is working his ass off to present.

    Most of you will never agree with what I have to say. I’m not looking for that. I’m looking for reasons why you think differently than I do. Is it the difference between emotional thinking and logical thinking? Biden the other day let loose a Freudian slip that was hilarious. “We believe in truth over facts.” I thought it was just an old man that is prone to gaffes but maybe there’s more to it. An example that baffled me was one of Jason’s posts the other day that decried the ICE roundup on purportedly the opening day of school. All of you had emotional responses. I pointed out that the dozens of school districts in Mississippi all had different opening days and provided a link. There was no way ICE timed it to stick it to school children. The response I got? Crickets.

    Jason and I have differences of opinion on a range of subjects. His game simulation doesn’t work like mine. I think we can still be friends. The typical conservative is not your enemy. He or she is your neighbor. Literally and figuratively. Labeling us as racist homophobes isn’t helping and is a flat out lie. I’m willing to bet that most of you know that as well as Jason does. Hope I’m right.

    By the way, Jason has written a very entertaining book that I highly recommend. It’s called “Alienation”. Look for it on Amazon.

    God Bless.

  4. The third grade child Drumph doesn’t understand this is the beginning of his fall. More and more conservatives will be getting off his bandwagon as we get closer to the election and when the Dow falls and the Chinese begin to win his failed trade war.


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