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Donald Trump shut down the government for 35 days for a pouch of magic beans and a participation trophy, and Americans appear to have noticed.  On several measures, respondents to the latest NBC/WSJ poll now see him as the noisome, tumescent clump of flop sweat and spray-tan solution that he is:

By 47 percent to 36 percent, Americans rate Trump negatively rather than positively for “being a good negotiator,” the characteristic he has long claimed as his signature quality. He fares even worse on “being steady and reliable” (53 percent negative, 32 percent positive), “being knowledgeable and experienced enough” (54 percent negative, 32 percent positive), “being honest and trustworthy” (58 percent negative, 28 percent positive) and “having high personal and ethical standards” (58 percent negative, 24 percent positive).

And those aren’t even the worst numbers. While Trump’s overall approval rating (43 percent approve, 54 percent disapprove) hasn’t changed in this poll* since December, mostly because his Marshall Plan for destroying our economy hasn’t come to full fruition, more Americans now think the country is on the wrong track:

The poll’s results showed that by 63 percent to 28 percent , a margin greater than two to one, Americans believe the country is “off on the wrong track” rather than “headed in the right direction.” That’s significantly worse than the 56 percent to 33 percent finding from the December NBC/WSJ poll, taken before the shutdown.

And by 50 percent to 37 percent, Americans blame Trump, rather than Democrats in Congress, for the debacle.

Meanwhile, only one-third of respondents think Trump has the right policies and goals, while a sub-arctic 28 percent say he has the right personal characteristics for the job he supposedly does.

Sure, the public has a short memory. But this isn’t just some stupid racist shit he said on a random Saturday. This was a month-plus of destroying people’s lives over a racist fever dream.

And Mr. Master Negotiator got bupkis.

I have a feeling this one may stick a bit more.

*Other polls have shown his approval rating plummeting and his disapproval numbers spiking.


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