“Wow, OK” DoJ denies House access to Mueller grand jury material because Nixon made the same mistake

BipHoo Company / Flickr Mueller wants to hear from Trump...
BipHoo Company / Flickr

“Incredulous” was Lawrence Tribe’s description of the judge’s comment on how DoJ is arguing that Watergate is a bad precedent. Then again this is an administration of alternative facts and revisionist history.

Similarly WH counsel sent an actually stupid letter today, because this kind of stonewalling is all they seem to have in this impeachment inquiry.

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Dick Panico
Dick Panico
..The House doesn’t need (Trump’s help) to Impeached him , ( although he has helped ) , and the constitution doesn’t say you have to ask, if the president will allow himself to be impeached. ..You present articles of impeachment , as indictments , and press on with the proceedings of prosecution ! ..Article III of the constitution states that , “all crimes shale be tried by jury “, ”except impeachment”. ..Which means the impeachment proceedings are also of a criminal nature . ..No one can doubt that , although lawyers try to obscure the obvious! ..Most Judges only smile… Read more »
chris whitley
chris whitley

Really the house just sets up the court case. The senate holds the dam trial. Nancy and her crew need to explain this to the American public. Sometimes people get wrapped up in what they are doing and this kinda stuff gets overlooked. Not everyone has a book on the constitution.