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Fox and Friends took the bold view this morning that, yes, actually Roseanne’s tweet was racist, by way of twitter. Via Rawstory.

In a Thursday morning tweet, “Fox & Friends’” Twitter account wrote that, “Roseanne Barr apologizes for racist tweets after her ABC show is canceled.”

Yes, well, don’t go out on a limb, there, Fox – focus on the apology more so than the tweet or cancellation.

Regardless, tolerate it, many Fox fans did not, firing back on Twitter, by way of example:

A “poorly delivered political joke”? How funny. Get back to “focus[ing] on the left destroying America.”

The way I see it, Fox fans are unable to distinguish between being critical of someone’s ideas, or actions, and being critical of someone’s race, or ethnicity – something someone just happens “to be.”

And that’s a huge problem.


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  1. That’s a really weird excuse Roseanne. I didn’t become a racist when I had my Ambien blackout. I cleaned my entire refrigerator inside & out & it was an amazing surprise in the AM. She was a lot funnier without that pall of hate hanging over her. May she take her nutso conspiracy nonsense & return to her nut farm where we never have to hear of her ever again.

  2. Let Fox & No Friends show Roseanne singing the National Anthem in 1990 like a Banshee and them grabbing her crotch afterwards. Compare that to NFL players kneeling during the anthem, which is their first amendment right. (That’s when I stopped watching anything with Ms. Barr in it). Then let’s talk about disrespect, or is it white privilege?


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