Wow! Former Fox Reporter Mercilessly Rips Tucker Carlson!

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Every once in a while, the news feels oh so good. This is especially true when it is bad news for someone who has so dearly earned it … at Fox.

Bring it, HuffPo

Carl Cameron, the former chief political correspondent at Fox News, called out the network’s primetime host Tucker Carlson on Thursday for claiming that white supremacy in America is “a hoax.”

“It’s just not accurate,” Cameron told CNN’s Hala Gorani.

Mr. Cameron, we could not appreciate your words more. But, I think the phrase you might consider, next time, is just noting that Tucker Carlson’s voice-box might well be mainline-hoax-capital-USA.

But, that is just me. Wait, no, it isn’t just me, as HuffPost goes on to explain:

“It’s not journalism,” added Cameron, who quit Fox News in 2017. “It is opinion-making. It is entertainment. And unfortunately, it’s an entertainment that can catch on with a very viralized American. It’s horrible and it’s not right and it’s good that he’s on a vacation, whether it was intended or not.”

It is not journalism? Yeah, 10-4 on that one. What was your first clue? It is propaganda, and propaganda always has a laser-like focus on an underlying purpose.

I am not here to disrespect people who find their way to the light, and then come out strongly, with the experience and background to back it up, all to calll out a Fox “character actor” or performance artist, whatever one wants to ascribe to the Tucker.

Again, because it cannot be said enough, Tucker Carlson believes the idea that there exists white supremacy in the United States is a hoax.

Funny enough, both the Trumper, and that little Tucker, believe that global warming is a hoax. Yet neither can explain why it feels much hotter in the last few days.


Peace, y’all. We were hot tempered yesterday, the tiny breeze is welcome.


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3 Comments on "Wow! Former Fox Reporter Mercilessly Rips Tucker Carlson!"

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Tucker Carlson is an ignoramus and shouldn’t even be discussed. He doesn’t deserve the time and effort.

Deacon B.
Deacon B.

In his early days, I watched Carl Cameron as a reporter for many years at WMUR-TV in Manchester, NH. He seems to have fortunately retained his journalistic integrity.

Bwa Ha
Bwa Ha

I just can’t seem to give any credence, however slight to anyone associated with the huffington puffington post gossip rag. Nah… who cares about whatever that Cameron fool thinks? I know that I don’t care.