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Breaking news from the Ari Fleisher show, Mueller who allows nothing to leak, out of the friggin’ blue, gave confirmation that it interviewed Jared Kushner for at least 6 hours today. I am positive that Mueller could have used 18 hours on Kushner and wished for more, but with every witness, you reach a point of diminishing returns. Six hours is a very long time when you sit in the room.

Of course, Kushner has a lying problem every bit as big as his father in law, Jared, however, uses the phrase “I don’t remember”; which counts as blank lines in applications for a security clearance amended god knows how many times, the real answer ends up being in the 3 digit area.

And Jared would have some real damn good stuff for Mueller to ask about. I am sure that the focus was primarily upon the “Obstruction of Justice” topic since the election/inauguration, because as we all know by now, Mueller intends to issue several reports to Congress. The first, due out any week now, focuses on acts of obstruction of justice since the inauguration.  And, since Jared was the one credited with suggesting they fire Comey, might want to explain himself, knowing that several other people who were there have already testified. It’s really tough to be questioned by the Feds, because you just assume that they know the answer to pretty much everything before they ask, especially if you’re late in the game. You have to worry about the first 6 witnesses all saying the opposite of what you said, that’s a problem. And Mueller has read all 6,000 of your emails, bigger problem. Jared will have had some whispered conversations in caves about what questions other people got and how they answered, but no one can remember all that much off the top of their head.

Look, Mueller hunts like a tiger. Every single footstep is tiny and unseen, the victim thinks it is beautifully peaceful out, while Mueller is 3 feet from them, deciding if he’s hungry and  springs. He’s cagey, if he thinks talk has been shared between witnesses, he will phrase some things slightly differently, but will have profound implications if Jared gives a canned, pre-planned answer.

We don’t have time, but some of the things Mueller and Kush likely discussed over some confefe at Starbucks include (in no particular order); Why he thought firing Comey was cool? Why did he summon the top Russian spy in the United States to talk “back channels” from the friggin Russian embassy that presents no advantage at all except possibly escape American law enforcement? How the do you expect anyone to believe you didn’t remember over 100 contacts with foreign nations – many with Russians – should I arrest your fking ass right now, because you have no good answer other than “I lied.?”

Oh, you can bet that Mueller wanted to know some juicy collusion stuff, too. Kush was at Trump Tower in the meeting with Russia. He can try to lie and explain why no one told Trump about the meeting, but he will get caught in that lie. He will be asked about the whole “sophisticated computer analytics” that “won them the election” that aligned too perfectly with Russian fake news (as in real fake news, back when it meant fake news, not bad news for Trump). Man, I’m already tired just writing out the questions and I could go twice as long, never mind follow-ups that are more important because that is where the real gold lies, the finessed follow-up.

Kush had one thing going for him, he has a real lawyer in Abie Lowell, as in Real real. The best. And, Kush keeps his friggin’ mouth shut and doesn’t tweet, so his lies are coming mostly in the “I don’t recalls.” Rumor is Kush said “I don’t know, 38,435 times during the interview. Okay, I made that rumor up.

At the end, I’m sure Mueller patted Kush’s back and said, “oh one last thing, if I hear someone gets your sorry ass out of the punked deal you made for that building on 5th Avenue, you’ll be arrested within the hour, because no one would touch that unless they got very real, very illegal, payback –  okay kid?

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