“Worse before it gets better” Trump does another presser, can’t control his ad libs

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Trump shows up late again and repeats the same spin, not acknowledging the lead in deaths. The real headlines will come from more Trump mistakes, like well-wishing Ghislaine Maxwell and mentioning Price Andrew, as well as continuing the same campaign speech lies.

He’s opened with prepared remarks and makes the usual framing.

The real test will be surviving the questioning.

MSNBC cut away to do fact-checking,

Q: Where’s Dr Fauci?

Dr. Birx is right outside

Trump proceeds to lie again for the 40+ time on Veterans Choice (created in 2014)

Trump repeats his usual narrative

Trump insists that “it will disappear”, repeat his nonsense about closing the border. repeats “China virus” references.

Q: Rapid testing at WH, how about the rest of the country

Trump tries to blame the postal service for Covid testing delay

Dodges a Ghislaine Maxwell question by veering to mentioning Prince Andrew, actually making it worse, and repeats trope that people make more money on furlough than working

Trump seems to hate doing his singsong remarks

Q: isn’t wearing a mask patriotic?

Trump goes bafflegab about mask-wearing, say he has no problem wearing it.

follow-up: what about your visit last night to your hotel where you weren’t wearing it?

Trump goes blah-blah “I wear it when appropriate”

Q: resurgence is real?

Trump goes blah-blah talks about Florida and Texas.

Q: Chinese Covid vaccine?

We’ll work with anyone, Trump goes blah-blah on “leading in testing”

Trump getting nervous, talks about stock market. Flees

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chris whitley
chris whitley

Why does it sound like he’s talking about aunt Millie’s wart on her big toe. I heard people talk with more enthusiasm about drying paint. Let me know what happens. I want to go hit my fingers with a hammer and will be to busy to wait for the commercials.