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This is very heartening news. #BoycottNRA is the top trending hashtag on twitter today and different companies are doing just that. NRA discounts are being discontinued right and left.

Symantec Corp said on Friday it ended an NRA discount program for its LifeLock identity theft product, while Boston-based home security company SimpliSafe also said it terminated its discount program for NRA members.

Insurer Chubb Ltd said on Friday it would stop underwriting a NRA-branded insurance policy for gun owners that covers legal costs in self-defense shootings. Insurance company MetLife Inc also said it had ended an auto and home incentive program for NRA members.

Rental car company Hertz said on Twitter it had told the NRA it was eliminating a discount program for members.

Those decisions came a day after three rental car brands owned by Enterprise Holdings Inc said they were ending discount programs for NRA members. First National Bank of Omaha also said on Thursday it would not renew a contract with the organization to issue an NRA-branded Visa card.

Here’s the cherry on the sundae. Online platforms like Amazon, Google and other streaming services are being asked to drop NRA TV from their products line. #DumpNRATV is also a trending hashtag. NRA TV, if you are among the fortunate who haven’t seen it, proselytizes conspiracy theory and fearmongering in order to sell guns.

“To be affiliated with them, whether you are a company or a lawmaker, it is not going to pay off in the long run,” said the Moms Demand Action founder Watts, signaling the start of a broader campaign. “Doing business with the NRA is clearly bad business.”

This is America, and this is going to get their attention. The NRA is on it’s way to being a has-been.

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  1. It’s ALWAYS about the money…as in “follow the money”. It’s the MO of the Special Counsel, and he will get there in the end. The only frustration is how long it takes, but thankfully the strategy is beginning to pay dividends, and the longer it lasts the more BLUE November 2018 looks like becoming.

    • I’ve been telling people for some time that the NRA didn’t used to be a bunch of lunatics. I grew up in Colorado and knew many people who hunted, did sport shooting, marksmanship. I knew ranchers who needed to keep a shotgun to kill rattlesnakes if they got too close to the livestock, that sort of thing. Guns didn’t used to be an insane issue. The NRA has degenerated into a sick force in our society.

  2. Good! All the money they dole out or take in is blood money anyway! I hope more of their sponsors/donors or whatever they are have enough of a conscience to cut ties with the terrorist organization! Karma, it’s all Karma!

    • Agree. The premise of the Second Amendment is sound. It has been perverted and transmogrified by the NRA into an unrecognizable concept.

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