Wonder Where the Surgeon General Is These Days? He’s Been Benched for ‘Racist Dog Whistles’


Surgeon General Jerome Adams used to be out there on TV everyday with the coronavirus task force carrying their message. He even amplified Donald Trump’s absurd notion that “the flu would be more dangerous than coronavirus.” So where has he been since April 10 and why haven’t you seen him?  Politico:

Adams’ disappearance on the airwaves and at the White House podium followed comments at a press briefing on April 10 that progressives attacked as racially insensitive for shifting responsibility to minorities. But health officials also fear that minimizing Adams means the White House is retreating from questions about its work on behalf of minority communities, a perennially sensitive issue for President Donald Trump and his administration. Early data from Chicago showed that black communities represented about two-thirds of the city’s Covid-19 deaths, despite representing about one-third of the population. […]

“Avoid alcohol, tobacco and drugs,” Adams said that afternoon, as he urged communities of color to “step up” to fight the disease. “We need you to do this, if not for yourself, then for your abuela. Do it for your granddaddy. Do it for your Big Mama. Do it for your Pop-Pop.”

The comments were immediately questioned by a PBS reporter, who said they’d stirred outrage online, and roundly condemned by progressives including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who said they amplified claims about minority populations engaging in risky behaviors.

“Donald Trump has found a new vessel by which to spew his racist dog whistles: his Surgeon General Jerome Adams,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said in an April 10 statement. “Jerome Adams used his five minutes of fame to do Trump’s dirty work and insult African Americans and other communities of color.”

The office of the Surgeon General has been a respected one and one that is described as “the nation’s leading spokesperson on health matters since 1871.” Public relations is the essence of the job. Adams’ remarks on April 10 were defended by Anthony Fauci, who said he didn’t find them offensive at all, he thought they were “appropriate.” Be that as it may, the Trump White House stopped putting Adams front and center. He’s off speaking to Breitbart and doing radio interviews. Maybe it wasn’t these remarks which sparked the decision, but more the fact that Adams didn’t believe hydroxychloroquine was the miracle that Trump touted it as. With this group, who knows?


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