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There’s not much mystery to this article, the title says it all. Women do in fact hold the key to getting the “Impeach Trump” racehorse out of the starting gate.Politico has an excellent article in their Friday magazine about how 2020 will be the “Year of the Woman.” I don’t think it will take that long, and there are several reasons why. It’s impossible to overstate how badly The Tiny Fisted Diktator fucked up in his response to the Roy he put Moore scandal. Women look at Donald Trump the way that the ASPCA looks at Cuuella DeVille.

And guess what? When you think about it, while he may not run for reelection until 2020, Trump’s name may as well be on the ballot in 2018. Trump craves attention and notoriety above all else, and brother, do you got ’em both. In spades. Trump is the leader of the GOP. When he gave Moore a free pass by considering Moore’s denials as sufficient evidence of innocence, Trump once again shone a bright spotlight on his own alleged misconduct, and his weak ass denials in response. He is basically saying, “Meh, they’re just women. I bullshitted my way out of it, and Moore can to.” You can expect another Rose Garden kegger if Moore gets elected, The Brotherhood of Perv’s wins again.

Regardless of whether or not Moore wins or loses, Trump has given every Democratic challenger in 2018 a ready made issue to run on. Trump stood up for Moore, parroted his excuses, in the face of accusations that he sexually molested not only multiple women, but accosted an underage minor, and silenced her with his position, and the admonition that nobody would believe her. It doesn’t matter who the GOP opponent is, the Democrats can make the case that a vote for theit opponent is a vote to support an accused serial sexual assaulter who condones possible child molestation. And if the opponent has an (R) after their name, how do they get out from under that. The upcoming Senate special election in Alabama may end up being a perfect example of women’s power at the ballot box. Following the breaking of the Moore scandal polling showed that Moore got a 9 point boost from male voters. But the same polling showed that Doug Jones got a 22 point jump in support from women. Will the women’s jump in support for Jones be enough to turn the tide? Maybe not, but if you factor in a hopefully resurgent African American vote recognizing that Jones prosecuted and convicted two KKK members for killing four little girls in a church bombing, and if urban liberals and moderates are energized, it could happen. Andwomen will have played a pivotal role.

Women flexed their muscles on January 21st, 2017 when they turned out global record numbers to protest in favor of their identity and dignity, and against Trump. And they haven’t slowed down. Jess McIntosh with Emily’s List, an organization that helps to sponsor and elect women told MSNBC that after Trump’s election, they had women calling constantly wanting to know how to run. She went on to state that in the recent Virginia elections, Emily’s list backed 17 female candidates, and 11 of them won. That’s about a 98% improvement on what Karl Rove accomplished when he blew almost a billion bucks backing GOP candidates a couple of cycles ago. The tide is already turning. The GOP cretin in Virginia who dubbed himself the “homophobe in chief”, and wrote the states failed Transgender bathroom law got his lunch handed to him by a transgender woman. A woman in her thirties in New Jersey who was offended by a sexist, tasteless meme from a city council member hoping that women would be home from the women’s march in time to fix dinner, screwed up her courage and ran against him. He now has plenty of time for kitchen duty since she now sits in his council seat. This is just an example, you can find these stories everywhere.

Women are going to be power players in 2018. They’re running, in what may well end up being record numbers, and when they’re not running, they’re working for and advocating for candidates strong on women’s issues to oppose entrenched GOP candidates. And best of all, they’re doing it on their own, beholden to no one. Virginia is rife with stories of insurgent political Democratic candidates that easily outraised their GOP opponents, without taking special interest money. But, in order for the Democrats to hold this high ground, they’re going to have to clean house. As much as I’ve always liked Al Franken, he has to go. You can’t scream about Joe  Barton’s dick pics if we have a pic of Al franken groping a woman on our plate. likewise, John Conyers has to go. It doesn’t matter if the harassment was sexual, it was harassment against women.Nancy Pelosi got high marks for ousting Anthony Weiner for sending explicit photos to women of age, let’s see how Paul Ryan fares with Joe Barton, especially since Weiner never threatened retribution from the Capitol Police. The Democrats have the opportunity to bring some of the women they have been desperate to get back into the fold. But it won’t be done by words and accusations against Republican transgressers, they’re going to have to burn off their own warts.

Because, as great as it would be to flip the House and get subpoena power back to start impeachment proceedings, it isn’t mandatory. Right now the Democrats need to flip 23 seats to take control. But they don’t need to to exert power in the House. If Ryan’s majority dips into single digits, the Democrats have neutered the House. Ryan can barely pass anything more than renaming a post office with the majority he has now. A bill that can be acceptable to both the Freedom caucus and the Tuesday group has yet to be written, and probably never will be. With a single digit majority, Ryan is going to need Democratic support to pass anything. Hell, that’s his problem right now with a continuing resolution to fund the government, he can’t cobble together 218 in his own caucus. And if Trump decimates his majority to that extent in 2018, some Republican survivors in the House may well start to consider the possibility of jettisoning Trump to try to save their own scalps in 2020, when His Dumbness would head their ticket. Besides, why would they want to run the risk of a messy primary fight at the top of their ticket, showing even more discord?

So, as far as I can see, women are going to be pivotal players in the upcomingbattles ahead. And for Democrats to succeed, they are going to have to do exctly what they’ve been doing so far with the Resistance, support and encourage them without trying to coopt them or force them into any kind of ideological compliance. If we do that, the future of a Trump free country is bright.

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