Witless to History: trophy daughter Ivanka’s role at G20

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Darn that product placement and free media., Trumpian diplomacy is brand-building and celebrity photo-ops.

can you spot the non-head of state

Remember that Trump once owned a models agency and that they were also often used to populate Trump properties events, “because if you’re a star…

Ivanka is now Mrs. Leonard Zelig or Mrs. Forrest Gump, brand representative for new apartments in Osaka and elsewhere, because Asians think she’s a princess/goddess.

All those trademarks including the new ones created since the inaugural, the grift continues.


January 2019 — 5 new trademarks in China

Then Twitter began to photoshop #unwantedIvanka

More stunts:

Another forged endorsement for a Nobel Peace Prize can’t be far behind.

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And daddy’s wittle girl wants to play “president” when she grows up. I cannot take another four years of Trump. I definitely could not take his brainless daughter running this country.