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Take a good look at that picture, because it’s unique. What’s unique about a picture of Trump and Bibi Netanyahu shaking hands you ask? How about this, in that picture you have two sitting heads of state, each of which is currently under investigation by his own government judicial agencies for one form of corruption or another. I’d call that kind of unique.

Trump’s decision to announce his intention to move the United States embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was insane for two reasons. First, Israel has been begging the US to recognize Jerusalem is Israels rightful capitol since day two, but no President would even seriously consider it without significant, binding concessions from Israel on Palestinian rights. And Trump gives it away like a snack size Snickers bar on Halloween. The second reason is that there was no sane reason to do it. There were no crucial negotiations going on between the Israelis and the Palestinian Authority. Reporting indicated that Jared Kushner suggested the move as a friendly gesture to Netanyahu, to make him more willing to deal with the Palestinians. Why Kushner thought that the US telling the Palestinians that they were shit outta luck with Jerusalem would make Netanyahu more likely to toss them a cookie I have no idea, but I’m Irish Catholic and not Jewish, so I don’t know that stuff.

Naturally, protests and riots broke out in the west bank following the announcement, and Mike Pence had to cancel a scheduled trip to the middle east because the Palestinians wouldn’t even let Pence within spitting distance of them. The Palestinians announced that they would no longer take part in any peace process that the US was within the three mile limit of. This was kind of problematic, since it’s Kushner who’s supposed to be the brainiac who lets Daddums brag about being the deal maker who brought peace to the eternal enemies. Nice going Einstein.

But Trump has the answer to this one all ready to go, and it’s a sure fire hit. The US announced that it will no longer provide foreign aid to the Palestinians unless they agree to sit back down at the table with Bennie “Forked Tongue” Netanyahu, and settle this shit once and for all. Because, hey! This is what every rich asshole does with a problem child, threaten to take their allowance away. 

Since Trump himself brought it up, let’s look at money for a moment. Last year the State Department allotted about $290M dollars in aid to the Palestinians, but they were so dismissive that they didn’t even give it to the Palestinians directly. They gave it to the USAID program, and let them get their fingers dirty. In the meantime, every year the US directly gives Israel about $3B in foreign aid.On a per capita bases, that means that if it were distributed equally, every citizen of Israel would be getting about $500 a year from Uncle Sam. And the Palestinian aid is strictly non lethal aid, while the Israelis get fighter jets and all other kidnds of military goodies.

Here’s why this is so not only stupid, but potentially dangerous as well, especially for Israel. Trump has already shit in his mess kit by kneecapping the Palestinians of having any hope of getting at least a piece of Jerusalem as a capitol, even 1946 Berlin style. The Palestinians have made it abundantly clear that they no longer consider the US as honest brokers, and that’s bad enough. But, if the US cuts off their foreign aid unless they prostitute themselves before Trump and Netanyahu, If the US cuts off that aid, which the Palestinians desperately need, do you think that other pleople like Iran, Hezbollah, HAMAS, and God knows who else might be ready to pick up the slack for the Palestinians, in return for a little more sympathetic ear from the Palestinian Authority about those other groups plans in regards to Israel?

You know, it’s bad enough when Mein Trumpf wants to put hundreds of thousands of US and Korean lives at risk by playing military chicken with Kim Jong Un. But now, he wants to risk the lives of thousands, and maybe tens of thousands of Israeli and Palestinian lives, not to mention the risk of spreading the conflict to engulf the entire region, only because both he and his idiot son in law have the IQ of canned cling peaches. The Art Of The Deal my ass, unless you peddle death for a living.

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