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Blue Tuesday / Daily Kos (01/08/2021)
Elections have consequences — and so does trying to overthrow the government when you don’t like the results of those elections.

Ron Johnson, along with Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, led the way in calling for the overturning of the presidential election. In fact, while Hawley and Cruz spoke on the Senate floor before the right-wing terrorist attack on Congress interrupted the proceedings, it was Johnson who pushed the hardest for the failed sedition, using bogus “election fraud” hearings and appearances on TV (including an inexplicable invitation to Meet the Press) to spread his lies.

Now, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the largest paper in Wisconsin, is calling for his expulsion, along with two other members of the state’s Congressional delegation. They call for the ouster several times in the piece, with devastating and very clear reasoning:

Johnson is a leading member of the Senate’s Sedition Caucus, which is shepherded by the odious Josh Hawley of Missouri. This group threatened to challenge the counting of Electoral College votes even though there was no evidence of fraud, even though dozens of lawsuits to overturn the election had failed for lack of evidence in both state and federal courts, and even though all votes had been certified by the states, some after recounts.

Johnson, Fitzgerald and Tiffany are cowardly, and they represent a virulent strain of politics that is an existential threat to democracy. In its early days, it was sometimes carried in the bloodstream of the Tea Party movement. But it found its truest expression in the rise and fall of Donald Trump.

Johnson had the delusional obstinance to claim he and Trump bore no responsibility for the mob attack on the Capitol and Congress, which was spurred by their repeated lies and false claims about the election.

For Ron Johnson, this was just the latest act of treachery against the American people. The disgraced senator spent all of 2020 working to prop up Donald Trump in any way he could, from battling all COVID-19 relief and healthy & safety restrictions (he said we overreacted to a virus that has killed 360,000 Americans) to pushing conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden, voting, and bad COVID treatments.

Thankfully, Johnson already has a strong Democratic opponent running against him in 2022. Tom Nelson, a progressive County Executive (a big role in Wisconsin) has been elected six times in a red district, and even before the insurrection had called for Johnson to resign. And he posted this statement yesterday:

Even as I write this, Donald Trump just supported the armed terrorists who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday. Ron Johnson hasn’t said a word about them. Republicans like him really aren’t accomplices so much as they are active co-leaders in this seditious plot to overthrow the country.

We know they have no shame and that the margins in DC are too narrow to have them kicked out (and let’s face it, Dem leadership reluctant to even impeach Trump — they’re talking about midweek next week — isn’t going to do it anyway). So it’s up to us to help boot these traitors from office when their next elections come up.

Ron Johnson is up first, in 2022. Tom Nelson is a progressive candidate, lifelong Wisconsinite (unlike other potential candidates there), and has won consistently in red territory. He’s the guy to back, ASAP. Fueling his campaign now will help build him build the case against Johnson. I’m happy to be helping his campaign out, mostly as a volunteer making videos, and I know Tom would love your help, too.


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    • As to removal by recall, the United States Constitution does not provide for nor authorize the recall of United States officers such as Senators, Representatives, or the President or Vice President, and thus no Member of Congress has ever been recalled in the history of the United States.

  1. There are so many people, lawyers, businessmen (including a CEO), newly elected West Virginia State Representative Derrick Evans, in that mob. Then of course the despots in Congress and the Senate cynically pandering to Trump’s base in the hopes of fueling a 2024 political run.

    They all need to be held to account. Criminally. They need to know that there is no such thing as a political stunt designed to gut Democracy, and undermine the rule of law, that the people of this nation will brook.

    Already the nations businesses, are getting together, and discussing who in D.C. will discover their political funding dry up. To be perfectly clear. Hawley and Cruz are dead men walking. They won’t be able to fund a future run for local unencorporated county garbage management.

  2. It’s right there in the constitution that if you commit a act of sedition you shall not be seated at any government seat. There are people that need to do their job. This isn’t someone that farted in chamber. This was an armed insurrection and these people came back to the chamber all hunky dory and kept trying to disrupt a simple ceremony. What did you need a congressional leader hanging from that gallows. They will plan better next time. And all this was preplanned so the FBI and everyone else need to investigate this to see who they can shake loose. I would start with trumps riot watch group. They would know something. Mark Meadows is a pussy, he will roll if pressured.

  3. Johnson and Cruz are just 2 of the many corrupt republicans needing to be replaced, all of which are responsible for the criminal act involving lies from the source of all lies, who is trump!

  4. Every person that continues to support this shell of a man and coward are as guilty as the low life sniveling boot licker Ron Johnson.We do not elect officials to help kill people.

  5. It would be comforting to witness Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson look into a mirror and declare, out loud, that they will only speak the truth from now on. If they cannot speak the truth all the time, they are not serving the American people. On Judgement Day, it will be too late for them to say ‘Sorry’. Then again, it may be in their nature or upbringing that they do not understand the difference. How can Mitch McConnell keep a straight face when he takes the Oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States? He should reflect back on his past declarations. These individuals should sit back and take note of the performances of honourable Republicans in their midst.

  6. Why cannot all American Senators and other public representatives reflect back on their Constitution and make sure they understand each and every term of it before they take the Oath to uphold it?


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