William Robert Norwood III apparently didn’t believe that judge Kevin McDonald would order him back to jail for not following the judge’s order to not have contact with his estranged wife. Now he knows better. Judge McDonald ordered Norwood to be held without bond pending trial after Norwood continually contacted his estranged wife in an attempt to convince her not to testify against him and his part in the insurrection. 

McDonald stated that some of those contacts by Norwood presented a clear danger to his estranged wife.

Norwood didn’t deny contacting his wife and knows it was a violation of his bond conditions, his appointed attorney, Lora Blanchard, said in the hearing.

She said he and his wife are going through a difficult separation and many of the messages were sent out of frustration as they sought a divorce.

Norwood testified that he met with a divorce attorney but hadn’t received the help he needed so “we were trying to handle it with each other.”

Why do all these insurrectionists always make excuses for their criminal behavior? Are they that afraid of going to prison for their crime? Or is it that because they’re white they believe they shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions? 

Norwood faces seven federal charges. He was arrested by FBI agents after a family member shared screenshots of messages in which he bragged about assaulting police officers and storming the Capitol. Agents found a Capitol Police riot shield and helmet in Norwood’s storage unit, which he said he picked up from a pile outside the Capitol.

The government also said Norwood led a group into the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and filmed rioters storming the Capitol from her office balcony.

He was initially held in jail after his arrest but released to home detention under the condition that he not contact his wife, who is a potential witness against him. He already faced one charge of witness tampering, which carries up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

I say give him the full 10 years without parole. Let him waste away. LOCK HIM UP!

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