William Barr Does A 180, Now He’s NOT Recusing Himself From The Epstein Matter


It appeared for a few hours Tuesday morning that there was a shred of integrity left in William Barr, since ABC News reported Barr saying, “I’m recused from that matter,” meaning the Epstein case. Now, Barr is singing a different tune altogether. He’s recused from the old case, in Florida. But he’s very much a part of the new one. Bloomberg:

Attorney General William Barr won’t recuse himself from involvement in the new charges filed against alleged sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein by federal prosecutors in New York, according to a Justice Department official.

Barr made the decision on Tuesday after consulting with career ethics officials at the department, said the official, who asked not to be identified discussing a sensitive matter.

Barr weighed whether he would have to remove himself from involvement in the case in part because Epstein had previously hired lawyers from the law firm Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Barr served as counsel to the law firm before becoming attorney general.

But Barr has recused himself from any retrospective review of the Justice Department’s decision more than a decade ago letting Epstein avoid prosecution on federal sex-trafficking offenses in Florida and the decades of prison time that he could have faced if convicted.

So, now we’re back to where we were Sunday, where Barr could conceivably interfere in the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York, because he oversees it. As you may recall, former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi said that it would be obvious that Barr was interfering, but that it was conceivable that he could do so. With today’s development, I was say it was more than conceivable, I would say that’s Barr’s intention. Wow. The attorney general of the United States might tamper in the prosecution of a convicted sex offender, because his boss, the president, used to party down with said offender — party down translating as molest and rape underage girls. I said in the earlier Barr piece today, this could be a cultural watershed moment for America. Now, I’m thinking the same thing, only not in the context that I meant it this morning. Now I’m thinking that we might find out how down and dirty and corrupt our country really is — or really can be, now that the worst candidate for any public office in the history of the nation has been elected to its highest, under the GOP banner, and the Republicans fully support anything he and his sycophants do, no matter how venal or base.

In medicine, there is a dreadful malady called Epstein-Barr syndrome. It’s a class of chronic fatigue syndrome, and it is debilitating. I’m thinking that the governmental equivalent of said disorder has just been cobbled together, and America is soon to suffer from a grave affliction.

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This piece of garbage needs to be impeached and locked up right besides Trump.


Death Penalty is in order for the whole gang.


This is because he wants to shield Trump from any implications related to the crimes. Seems very obvious he’s going to pull out anything with Trump having exposure.