Will Trump Bail Out Of Flight 93 Election So That Trumpism Can Live? That is, Will Putin Let Him?

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The train wreck that is the Trump administration skidded and stopped in a loud messy heap last week in Wisconsin, when Donald Trump told Sean Hannity that Joe Biden was going to be the next President  of the United States because “some people don’t love me — maybe.” That sent a shockwave throughout GOP land and a few days later it was speculated, on Fox News of all places, that Trump might just resign due to his “fragile psyche.” Shazam.

Bear in mind, Trump talks to Hannity, we are told, on a nightly basis telephonically, where presumably, Hannity soothes Trump’s night terrrors, as he clutches his Trumpie bear and his crumpled MAGA hat for emotional support. Perhaps this is where Fox News got the tip?

And there are people openly suggesting that Trump resign now. One of his supporters, Mickey Kaus, who used to identify as a “centrist Democrat,” if you can believe that, then converted to Trumpism because he fears hoards of immigrants destroying the white American way of life, wants Trump to resign. Here’s what he said recently on his blog in paper #26, “Trumpism is more important than Trump.” Kaus sees “irreversible” doom, from a “mass influx of immigrants” who will act as “the guarantor of a more liberal electorate on into the future.” This is a good article to read in it’s entirety because it lays out white supremacist paranoia to a tee.

What is also interesting here is that Kaus’ rationale for Trump resigning actually makes a great deal of sense, and comports with Democrats’ and Never Trumpers’ ideas on the subject. Politics makes for strange bedfellows and the advent of Trump has found us lying next to Republicans who are anxious to be rid of Trump and now this white supremacist has crawled under the sheets and he’s making sense, too.

What happens if it’s a “Flight 93 Election” and your side is corkscrewing down into the earth? That’s the prospect facing once and possibly future Trumpists. It’s undeniable at this point: Trump’s falling behind and flailing. He’s alienating white voters, and not gaining enough of any other kind. One day he’s tweeting about cracking down on rioters, the next day he’s boasting about letting felons out of prison early….His campaign is run by an unfirable relative who has proven time and again to have the worst political judgment** since — well, it’s hard to find precursors because most campaign managers had to actually win one or two elections before getting the chance to blow a presidential re-election. […]

…the fantasizing about Trump abandoning his attempt at reelection should probably be taken seriously and even egged on — by those of us who voted for him as well as by anonymous “GOP operatives” who probably didn’t. Trump himself is clearly thinking a lot about losing these days, as when he mused, absurdly, that President Joe Biden would have to finish his border wall. “And he’s going to be your President because some people don’t love me maybe.”

What would happen if he decided to avoid possible humiliation? Well, the Democratic party, currently held together by antipathy to Trump, would lose its overriding purpose. The intensity level of the Dem campaign will instantly drop. Millions who might turn out to get rid of Trump will stay at home. The lightning rod having wandered off with all the electricity, everything will probably become very boring very quickly. The Democrats’ nominee is so weak that Republicans, depending on whom they picked, might still have a chance at retaining the White House. And they’d likely have a much better chance of retaining the Senate — the key to blocking any 2021 Gang-of-8 amnesty.***

The problem is, if Trumps going to do this, he should do it soon —  before the convention, while there’s time to consider possible replacements and let voters get used to whomever is picked. Pence would be the most likely choice, of course, but there are other possibilities.**** The trick would be to keep Never Trumpers, who wouldn’t mind a crushing GOP loss or a massive amnesty, from choosing someone suicidally swampy. But how many delegates do they have?

Kaus finishes up by saying what is at stake in this election, as he views it, and that is nothing short of “a fundamental national loss- — the same calculation, viewed from a different vantage point, that led so many to take a chance on an outlandish candidate four years ago.” So Trumpism, make no mistake, is all about keeping America white, which you knew. And Kaus is saying that that’s the reason a lot of people took a chance on Trump, which you also knew. So the identity of the base is not questioned. Kaus just ratified everything that we knew.

So is Trump going to resign? Let me share a few comments that have taken place in emails between myself and a few friends recently.

The reason Trump will walk away is that in his malfunctioning mind it is the only way he can’t lose. If he doesn’t play then he can’t be beaten. And I don’t think he wants be President. Or he wants the role alright. After all it’s the lead. But he doesn’t want to memorize all those lines. So he’s given himself the perfect out: “People don’t like me.” The polls (ratings) show that. So fine. “I tried to help you all. It cost me a lot of money. You don’t want me, I got much better things to do. Goodbye.” That makes it his choice. How can he be a loser if he chooses to walk away?
The man is gone.

Now here is the opposite viewpoint.

Trump is not going to resign for at least one yuge reason – the statute of limitations on a number of his crimes. As long as he remains president and protected from any criminal indictments, he can run out the clock on campaign finance and money laundering crimes. The millisecond Trump becomes a private citizen on 20 Jan 2021, he can be indicted by the US DOJ AND NY state for numerous crimes for which he could go to prison for. Do you think for one second that Trump would willingly expose himself to THAT?

These are both compelling arguments. Now read this further commentary.

My take on Trump’s resignation is pure speculation. Promoting it keeps my mind off a more likely and incredibly terrifying scenario:

Forgive me if what i am about to propose smacks of conspiracy theory, but give it a listen.

I have believed since soon after the 2016 election that some group had tampered with the results –this was before the Russia issue became news. Those three states that Trump won by a total 70,000 votes, the states that put him over the  Electoral College top,  were all states Hiliary was handily leading in at the end of October. [Editor’s Note: Hillary led by five points in Wisconsin, seven in Pennsylvania and eleven in Michigan.] The Trump campaign very suddenly and very publicly decided to put a large and expensive  effort there. I say “publicly” because they were roundly criticized for it, derided by a press that asked why they were throwing money away in those states when it was  so badly needed in close states Trump had a shot at winning. Their answer was something about how ‘internal polling” showed a different result and  they felt they still had a chance to win those states.. The pundits scoffed and Trump won those states. So my musing at the time wondered what their ‘internal polling was’. Then the Russia thing hit and so did my a-ha. My suspicions rose as news of things like Jug-head Jared’s collusion with the Kremlin, giving them polling info. Why the Fuck would he give them polling info? Now, I don’t need to re-hash the entire plot, but you get the idea.

Flash forward.

Trump knows he can rely on Russia again. That’s why he allows them to put bounties on Americans and pushes for readmittance into the G-7, and removes troops from Germany and, and, and. He knows Putin wants him in the WH and will do whatever is necessary to get that done.

Now here’s the terrifying scenario I promised. The only thing that stands in the way of this plan working is MAIL IN BALLOTS. Which is why DT gets so apoplectic at the possibility of wide spread use of them.

Beware — the fix is already in

This does make sense. And I’m not looking to foment conspiracy theory either. But it is a theory that fits the facts, conspiracy not withstanding. And remember, we deal with Russia and it behooves us to err on the side of caution. There is no such thing as paranoia in a scenario where Vladimir Putin is part of the conversation.

I share these thoughts, because I don’t know how this is going to shake down either. Only one thing is certain in dealing with this election and that is that historical precedent is essentially useless because we deal with the biggest anomaly in American politics. He got where he got because of a confluence of improbable factors, giant name recognition, coupled with preaching a gospel of hate and fear that appealed to people who felt themselves disenfranchised, and finally Trump was aided and abetted by a hostile foreign power to serve their agenda.

Yes, it’s true that no incumbent in recent history has been as far down in the polls as Trump and survived. But no incumbent had Vladimir Putin pulling the strings like Trump did in 2016, either, and who knows what is being cooked up for 2020? And consider the fact that Trump and Putin have spoken a lot on the phone this year and know that we find this out from our sources abroad — not from the White House. New Civil Rights Movement via Raw Story:

President Donald Trump engaged in an unprecedented – and previously unknown – “flurry of communication” with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a three-week period earlier this year, according to a sister-network of Voice of America.

“On March 30, Russian leader Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump spoke by telephone, the first of five calls between the two over a period of three weeks, a flurry of communication unprecedented during Trump’s 3 1/2 years in office,” reports Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFERL).

Only one of those five calls, according to research from NCRM, was shared with the press. None were posted to the White House website, a serious deviation from prior practice.

“For many Russia watchers, the flurry of behind-the-scenes phone calls and other communications is a clear indication that something’s going on,” RFERL’s Mike Eckel adds. He notes, “the two countries’ diplomats have spoken at least three times over that same period, which also coincided with an unusual shipment of Russian coronavirus-related humanitarian aid to the United States.”

Now here’s a final dot to connect. As you may have read here, the Voice of America has been taken over by Steve Bannon crony Michael Pack and he’s bringing in Sebastian Gorka as well. If the Voice of America turns into a Trump organ, we are truly screwed, which is what I said two weeks ago when it happened. Russia is a hostile foreign power, and all of the stories referenced herein, and the personal opinions derived from these stories, paint a bleak picture for this upcoming election. John Bolton said that Trump asked China to interfere in the election, we know he asked Ukraine, and it’s a foregone conclusion that Russia is planning a repeat performance of 2016.

Therefore, returning to the main point, I don’t know if Trump will resign. He is a creature of impulse and so if his ego is off kilter one day, more than usual, he might throw in the towel. Or, he may try to double down and hang on, because his BFF Putin is telling him to do so. Hillary called Trump Putin’s puppet and she was right — although Putin’s good right arm might have been a more accurate way of describing the situation. On that basis, Trump may want to resign and he may have said as much to people in his circle. And many others would like him to resign. We’ve heard from one of them, above, and we will hear from more. But as to whether Trump will resign? My best instinct today is uh uh. Because Putin wants him right where he is. Vladimir Putin is running this reelection, not the GOP. Let that thought rattle around in your cranium and see how well you sleep.

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