Will The GOP Finally Take Their Last “Off Ramp?”

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After more than 3 1/2 painfully long years, it is finally time for the GOP to make the ultimate decision. What do you do, shit, or get off of the pot? And I’m not talking about the GOP House, those idiots don’t know whether to shit, go blind, or wind their watch. I’m talking about the GOP Senate, and yes, even Vice President Mike Pence. The ship is 100 yards from the rocks, full speed ahead, and the GOP has about ten seconds left to jump off and save themselves. Will they take it?

Look, I’m sick of dicking around being politically correct, so I’m going to come right out and say it. Trump is toast, he’s dead in the water. And I don’t want to hear any of that hand wringing Remember 2016 bullshit either. A fluke is a fluke, but a dead fluke will sink like any other fish. Trump has lost independents, he has lost college educated white women, he’s losing college educated white men, and seniors are saying goom-bye as fast as we can toddle away.

James Carville encapsulated it perfectly on Friday night when he said that a national change election is like tossing a pebble in a pond concentric rings. If you’re up by 3-5 points nationally, and especially in the states, then you’re highly likely to flip the swing states that you lost the last time. If you’re up by anything like 6-8 points, then you have just put into play the states you lost by less than that the last time around. And if, like Biden, you’re up by double digits, then you are entering wish list territory, flipping states like Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina. And that’s where the Democrats are right now!

And it’s about to get even worse, and the GOP knows it. Two of their most durable constituencies have been military personnel and veterans. And properly fact checked and reported, this latest scandal about Trump being aware that Vlad the Imp had put a bounty on American soldiers heads, and actually paid off on them, will rip a 6′ hole in Trump’s hull, beneath the waterline. And it’s already being properly vetted and presented.

Forget just the New York Times. There are now multiple news organizations out there that are confirming the NYT’s original reporting. And now there is multiple reporting that former NSA John Bolton told other advisers at the time that he had verbally briefed Trump on the issue all the way back in 2019! Little wonder that golden nugget didn’t survive the White House review for classified information and appear in Bolton’s rag book.

The backlash has been swift and brutal. Not surprisingly The Lincoln Project came out with a scathing ad accusing Trump of standing with Putin’s soldiers instead of out own. But the veteran’s activist group, but the vets has just come out with an ad that doesn’t pull punches, and actually calls Trump a traitor; Watch and….


The GOP in general, and the GOP Senate in particular, is in extremis here. For 3 1/2 long years they have carried Trump’s water for him, and always to the detriment of the rest of the country. And when they didn’t overtly support him, they tacitly approved his nonsense by remaining silent, refusing any criticism. And at this watershed moment, each and every one of them in complicit in his treachery. And will pay his price.

Ever drive on a mountain road? Every once in a while, especially in a steep grade, they have these runaway truck ramps. They are there for trucks with shot brakes to turn onto to come to a slow and safe stop before crashing into the side of a mountain, or careening over the side. And the GOP is approaching the last one right now at about 100 mph.

That last runaway truck ramp for the GOP involves Vice President Mike Pence pulling the trigger, and covertly circulating a 25th Amendment petition among Trump’s cabinet. And every sitting GOP Senator had better put as much effort into secret lobbying Trump cabinet officials into signing on to that petition as they do trying to get fuckwit RW judges confirmed to the federal bunch. And they had better do it because their own personal asses are on the line.

And no, I am not sending out mixed messages here. This will not help the GOP in the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump is as dead as Paddy’s pig. Barring an unforeseen, catastrophic event, Joseph Robin Biden will be sworn in as President of the United States on January 20th, 2021. Nothing can change that. But if Pence pulls the trigger on the 25th Amendment, and succeeds, and the GOP dominated Senate votes to confirm the order, then at least those vulnerable Senators can try to claim with a straight face that El Pendejo Presidente finally stepped over a line they could not tolerate, and they did their part to protect the nation from a President run amok. And properly played, it could be jussst enough to save a few of their jobs.

Because make no mistake, it doesn’t end here, not this year. The toxic Stench of The Trump Experiment is a miasma that will cling to the GOP for  years. There are GOP Governors and state legislators who are going to go down in 2022 from their pandering over indulgence to Trump, no doubt about that, the stench is just too strong, and the backlash against Trump too strong. But if vulnerable 2022 Republicans act decisively now, then they at least have the opportunity to spend the next two years trying to spin the story in their benefit. At this point, that’s the most they can act for.

Something unique happened today, something never before seen. Today, on June 29th, 2020, President Donald John Trump was exposed as an actual traitor of the American people. He stood idly by, and sacrificed the lives of American soldier in order to keep his personal and professional secrets secret. Nothing can change that. The only remaining question is, will the Republican party let him hang alone, or will they climb the gallows and swing with him? Don’t touch that dial.

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Marie Tobias

Here’s the real rub… they can claim anything they want about what happened in the past… Donald’s “I didn’t know.” will fall with his enemies and fly with his pals. But what does Donald do now? Does he pussyfoot around Putin and blow more kisses, or does he get medieval on Putin’s pale ass? Because if he doesn’t go all smackdown on Vladamir now, there’s no excuse. No escape. No rationale. Donald is just Putin’s bitch and there’s nothing left to say.

Oh, Donald!

J. M.
J. M.

They will do nothing, admit to nothing.