Will John Bolton be the next to disappear?

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Not only did Trump undermine his own national security advisor, but it turns out the ‘stable genius’ also misspelled Joe Biden’s name in his original tweet.  And, as expected Twitter went wild.


Gee, thanks Twitter!!  Now on to the real story…

The Washington Post headline has one word, in italics below, which I think is misleading:

Trump appears to contradict Bolton on North Korea, expresses ‘confidence’ in Kim

The second paragraph in the article may be construed as an insult by his national security adviser John Bolton:

President Trump appeared to contradict his national security adviser on foreign soil in an early morning tweet Sunday, noting that while some in his administration were “disturbed” by North Korea’s testing of ballistic missiles earlier this month, the president himself was unbothered.

“Some in his administration were disturbed….? What are we talking about here, the choice between bagels or donuts at a Cabinet meeting?

Paragraph three goes from merely disturbed to “direct rebuke” of John Bolton.

Trump’s tweet was a direct rebuke of his national security adviser, John Bolton, who on Saturday had warned reporters here that there is “no doubt” North Korea’s missile tests violated United Nations Security Council resolutions, adding that Trump is determined to maintain sanctions pressure on the regime until it backs down.

The article goes on:

But Trump’s tweet, at roughly 7:30 a.m. seemed to undo Bolton’s tough talk, and undermined his national security adviser.

Bolton and Trump have disagreed on a number of issues in recent weeks, including just how hawkish a stance to take in conflicts with Venezuela and Iran, and that friction has recently spilled into public view. Earlier this month, Trump praised Bolton to reporters but noted that he and his national security adviser often have different views about the use of American power and foreign intervention.

Why, Mr. Bolton may be thinking, even bother having a national security advisor when you go against his advise on some of the most important national security issues the country faces?

Trump may ignore and express distain for the “Jeff Bezos Washington Post” but Bolton can’t appreciate this story in today’s Post (with the headline above a photo of him surrounded by reporters at the Japanese prime minister’s official residence in Tokyo on Friday).

If we know anything about John Bolton besides the hawkish positions he advocates for, we know he is a strong-willed person. How much of the impulsive narcissistic policy making Trump disparaging and disrespecting him will he be able to take before he decides “enough is enough” and decides to resign, or perhaps seeing the handwriting on the wall, decides to exit before Trump shows him the door”?

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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

What a sh*tshow, why does Mr. I know everything about everything even bother to ‘hire’ cabinet members or any so-called staff when he never listens to a goddamn thing because he knows it all anyway? Even the low-life lowlifes are starting to flee the train wreck called Trump.