Wife of George Floyd’s Killer Files for Divorce

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Ruh-roh. I’m guessing former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, charged with the murder of George Floyd, was just as problematic at home as he was at his job:


Kellie Chauvin, the wife of fired police officer Derek Chauvin, stated through an attorney Friday that she filed for divorce because of the events that transpired Monday in the death of George Floyd.

Dunno about you, but typically events like these are when spouses and significant others rally to their partner’s side. So it speaks VOLUMES that this is the moment someone chooses to not just separate, but publicly declare a divorce. And it doesn’t end there. Her attorneys have also made a public statement:

Kellie Chauvin,
Through her attorney wife of former Officer Derek Chauvin the former Minneapolis Police Officer charged with murdering #GeorgeFloyd released a statement saying she is devastated by Floyd’s death, sends condolences to his family and is divorcing her husband.

On the surface it is a wonderful, compassionate, and heartfelt statement of solidarity. But factor in that it’s coming from her lawyers… well let’s just say I don’t think Chauvin is going to want to have his ex-wife on the stand when this goes to trial. Even worse, by expressing such solidarity it’s entirely possible Kelli may be asked to testify AGAINST Derek Chauvin.

There will be no tearful interviews of a spouse defending the accused. No public statements of how they are a warm, kind, generous such and so who just happens to like squeezing the life out of marginalized peoples.

Whatever the nature of their relationship, this is NOT good news for Derek Chauvin.

The more we learn about the prior history of Floyd and Chauvin — both having worked for the same employer at a club for years with overlapping shifts — the more it appears there is a bigger story to this tragedy.

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There must’ve been trouble on paradise well before recent events.