Widespread reports of voting problems highlight need for major reform

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It did not take long on Election Day to have reports of problems with voting in several states.

These aren’t necessarily the result of intentional voter suppression right then and there at the local level—but they are a reminder of how broken and dysfunctional America’s voting systems are, and how badly we need nationwide reform that will improve voting access and security. We shouldn’t be relying on a few volunteers per precinct, or having people turned away because no one can find the voting machines that turn out to be locked away in a closet.

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It angers me greatly that there is so much effort put into keeping people from voting. Dodge City , Kansas moved their one polling place out of city limits & there’s no public transportation to that area. Voters in Texas that voted straight Democratic ticket thought they voted for Beto & when they checked the summary page their vote had gone to Crus & had to be manually corrected. How many votes were stolen from Beto with the rigged voting machines. There’s no paper trail or way to hold officials accountable either. There’s no low they won’t stoop to while… Read more »