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Saturday marked the memorial service for Senator John McCain and left people wondering why the hell Jarvanka were at the Washington National Cathedral after Daddy-O Trump was asked not to attend.  Likely the Asshole-in-Chief was worried about being upstaged (he was!) so sent his convoy to make his mark.  And, sadly, it worked.

Many, likely very accurately, wondered if Jarvanka’s attendance was a “photo-op” or a social event where they hoped to mingle with America’s top political movers and shakers.  Daddy’s little attention grabbers or social climbers – could be either… Regardless, it seems that they weren’t as moved by the proceedings as everyone else in the building.  In fact, Ivanka felt it was a good time to catch up on her texting:

Steve Schmidt, the senior strategist and advisor for McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, said on MSNBC, upon seeing the couple arrive: “Jared and Ivanka are on the side of a movement that stands for everything that John McCain was against, and opposed, and fought against for his entire life.”

So, who even asked them to be there?  According to New York Times White House correspondent Katie Rogers, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham had asked Ivanka Trump to attend and said it would be “a nice gesture” for Ivanka and Jared to attend and that it was cleared with McCain’s wife, Cindy first.

Twitter users responded by slamming Graham’s request of a grieving Cindy McCain, and Ivanka Trump’s “inappropriate” decision to attend.

Meanwhile, in a White House not far away, a Infantile Asswipe has a temper tantrum….

Phillip Rucker, Washington Post White House bureau chief tweeted that Trump was “truly upstaged” Saturday morning.

He “tweeted NAFTA threats, but cable news is not cutting in with bulletins,” focusing instead on the eulogies by Meghan McCain, former Senator Joe Lieberman, former Secretary of State Kissinger and former Presidents Bush and Barack Obama.  Upstaged by a funeral?!  I know this is asked somewhere about something every single day, but – can Trump sink any lower??

And about halfway through Meghan McCain’s eulogy, Rucker tweeted again when Trump tried to draw attention to himself once more in a last ditch effort.

Hissy fit much?

Jarvanka’s presence at the service caused criticism from both sides, even by Trump-loving Fox News.  But, regardless of singeing their own side a little bit, their ultimate goal was achieved.  Photo op or social event, either way they caused a stir and for the Trump brand, and after all, that’s everything.  Ivanka and Jared’s names were the top trending topics on Twitter.

Everything is about Trump.  As per usual.

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  1. They didn’t have to show up with their fake selves. To stupid to realize they fell from the evil tree. That real Americans have no need of their kind. She did it to represent her evil daddy, and he came along because she said so. Take their condolences back to daddy and shove them up his fat rear.

  2. It certainly was in poor taste for them to show their faces. THey are a evil as moron Trump. They also need to be put away for good. A disgusting family. They have no clue about good etiquette.

  3. They have about as much in common with McCain as a frog with a pig. If Grahan was trying to be as unifying as McCain, he failed miserably.

  4. The sensible and polite thing to do was to stay away. They just don’t get it! Their presence reminded me of the time she stood beside the crying widow. What hypocracy!

  5. Graham is an idiot for inviting Ivanka and Jarred. He had no right doing that. Ivanka and Jarred are the same — corrupt like Trump and need to be taken down too.

  6. Cindy McCain, in the throes of grief, didn’t have enough energy to say “Hey Lindsey, What the hell are you thinking? That family treated my American Hero husband like scum & none of them are fit to utter his name. Hell No, I don’t want them there, I don’t want to see them ever again, & how dare you trouble me by asking.” Nice gesture my ass.


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