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Several sources close to the Oval office have leaked that the DOTUS is getting more and more frazzled and unpredictable lately. This is of note because he always has been unpredictable and slightly off center all of his life. But the reports are now of worrying staffers who feel he is near to a breakdown. He IS attacking everything (Iran, health care, taxes, DACA, and on and on) seemingly at once, as if he feels his days numbered and is in a frantic state trying to get it all done at once. His staff also seems near panic on how to control the frantic, manic state he is in.

One question is why now? He may just be trying to do as much damage as he can in retaliation for a very real fear of being both removed and sent to prison. And his dreaded feeling that the aroma of justice is close at hand.

My feeling is that the Mueller investigation into the money laundering side is hitting very close to home, with son-in-law, daughter, several staff members past and current and the DOTUS himself in the crosshairs. He cannot miss the many inquiries of his associates in both business and politics. SOme if not all of them will give him feedback on the interview questions. His ex-Chief of Staff was started being interviewed by Mueller’s team, and his son-in-law and daughter are next on the hot seat.

The pattern of business conducted by the POTUS, (alias DOTUS) family-owned closely held corporation and the numerous spinoffs in terms of shell corporation filings that have no staff, but do have bank accounts is suspicious enough. The fact that The DOTUS does not keep accounting books at all is a red flag.

Another is his real estate deals, which often are loaded up front by dubious investors from Russian banks to oligarchs to outright mobsters. Hotels, Country Club golf courses and Casinos were built, went bankrupt and then were abandoned. Loans went unpaid. Workers were stiffed. 4000 law suits against him not paying moneys due workers, vendors and lenders followed him right into the Oval office.

Real estate is hands down the mob’s and drug cartel’s favorite method of laundering money. It is too easy to build a building for twice the usual contruction cost, (usually in the hundreds of millions of dollars) and have a myriad of shell corporations that get paid for the (often non-existent) work and materials. The shell companies then filter the money through other shell corporations and banks until the trail is difficult to follow, but most of it (minus small skimming fees) ends right back in the hands of the original investor.

His lawyers are the lowest of the low; entertaining mostly mobster and drug cartel clientele.
His doctor is not a real doctor, does not own or operate a practice, and fills out forms in his automobile while parked in front of the abode of his customerrs. He does not give even cursory annual physicals, but he writes reports on them as if he does.

All this tells me that a competent lawyer trained in tracing the trail of laundered money and seasoned by winning RICO trials about money laundering, would find fertile ground in the dealings of DOTUS.

And Mueller hired a large team of the top money laundering and RICO lawyers in the country some months ago. They must be hitting paydirt about now.

All this would frazzle the hell out of me, if all that talent was aimed at my personal financial dealings, let alone my business associates and favorite relatives. My SSA pension would be in jeopardy. My feeling is he has billions more than that to lose than I do.

See, the thing is that money laundering can be prosecuted by state’s attorneys, and the DOTUS cannot pardon himself or his friends from state felonies, only Federal. (It’s in the Constitution.) Mueller is cooperating with the New York State’s Attorney General, (and rumored to be hunkering down with other states as well) where many of the real estate deals were consumated and  buildings constructed.

I mean the man would have to be entirely cut off from reality NOT to be frightened to within an inch of his life right now.

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