Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) and a few moderates’ overt complaints about the $3.5 Trillion Human Infrastructure bill make clear it must be both or nothing.

Infrastructure Bill, both or none

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At the same time that Rep. Josh Gottheimer said he wanted the bipartisan infrastructure bill voted on, he expresses concerns about the $3.5 Trillion Human Infrastructure bill. Five points become obvious from the panel.

  • The inflation number looks high because it is compared to deflated prices from one year ago. While Stephanie Ruhle was more alarmist than necessary, economist Jason Furman made it clear that a paid-for bill is not inflationary. Moreover, inflation control is the job of the Feds.
  • Europe has less inflation because they did less. But they did not need to do as much as they have a much better social safety net.
  • If $3.5 trillion dollars for things that we need and are overdue will crush the economy it means the current economy was not designed for most but for a few.
  • A House Democrat saying they are concerned about raising taxes when those with capital are the least taxed is why Nancy Pelosi must not pass the bipartisan bill until the reconciliation bill is passed.
  • A Democrat saying this is not something we should jam through is naive and shows weakness after the middle-class and poor have been jammed for decades.

It is time for all Democrats to spine up. Lean into what those who voted for you really want.

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