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Sebastian Gorka says that Donald Trump’s now-famous United Nations speech, wherein Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea and called the existing Iran nuclear deal an “embarrassment to the US,” was crafted by himself and Steve Bannon.  According to the White House, Gorka’s a liar. They say his claims are “100% false.” Newsweek:

Gorka said he was happy that the final version of the speech was faithful to the one he said he helped craft.

“He kept his word, he got the text past the swamp dwellers and it was classic Trump, it was classic ‘MAGA’ agenda,” he said, referring to the Trump slogan Make America Great Again. “Everything in there was classic Donald Trump, from calling out evil, from challenging the multilateral globalism that the U.N. has become. Not even declaring communism a threat, but also talking about the disaster that is the socialism and what it’s caused in Venezuela. That was Donald Trump.”

The White House responded that Gorka’s claim was “100 percent false and Sebastian Gorka and Steve Bannon played no role in the U.N. speech.”

Folks, this is what you call a liar’s contest. Now, what’s ironic, at least would would be ironic if we were living in any kind of a normal world, is that of the two parties, Sebastian Gorka is the more credible; because Steve Bannon was in China just last week meeting in secret with the second most powerful man in the Communist Party, Wang Qishan. Qishan sought out an audience with Bannon when he heard that Bannon was giving a closed-door speech in Hong Kong at an investor conference on the subjects of economic nationalism and populist movements. Financial Times:

In the early months of the Trump administration, Mr Bannon was widely seen as being the intellectual force behind many of Mr Trump’s moves, earning himself a Time magazine cover with the headline “The Great Manipulator”.After Mr Trump won the election, China frequently approached Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and top aide, to help navigate the US-China relationship. But Mr Kushner has taken much less of a role in recent months. While Rex Tillerson, secretary of state, has been leading efforts to get Beijing to put pressure on North Korea, some Chinese experts have expressed concern that the administration does not have a clear point person to handle the relationship with China.

Since the Secretary of State and the son-in-law are clearly worthless, apparently in desperation to talk with an intelligent American with a clue about foreign policy, they decided it was Bannon or nothing.

So the question stands, why is Steve Bannon having secret meetings with the Chinese and drafting Trump’s speeches, also in secret, apparently, when purportedly he is no longer part of the Trump administration?

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