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People are appalled Republicans are sticking with accused pedophile Roy Moore, just as they were appalled they voted for admitted molester Donald Trump.

How did the Democratic Party become so toxic to these voters?

The answer?

40 years of relentless demonization of Democrats and liberals, with race at its heart.

Jen Sorenson’s cartoon above tells the story in three panels. (The fourth is the punchline.) Below is a slightly longer version.

  • Ronald Reagan began it with coded racism — Philadelphia MS and welfare queens — Democrats are the party of “those people.”
  • The “nice” Bush, HW — 41 — jump-started it in 1988 with the advice of Lee Atwater: “You can’t say the n-word, so say your taxes are going to ‘those people.’” 
  • Frank Luntz and Newt Gingrich stirred Atwater’s pot with their “campaign in a box,” telling Republicans always to call Democrats key words like “corrupt,” “devour,” “greed,” “hypocrisy,” “liberal,” “sick,” and “traitor.” 
  • At the heart of the 8 year jihad against Bill Clinton were Arkansas racists who allied with the more genteel Federalist Society “elves,” who included Kelly-Anne Conway’s husband. Bill Clinton was the late-term-abortion baby-killer champion of “those people,” despite Sister Souljah and welfare reform.
  • The Bush campaign (with generous help from Maureen Dowd and her gang of Beltway Heathers) added mockery to demonization, making Al Gore into a caricature of a lying, arrogant braggart.
  • 9/11 and the drive to war in Iraq added the “treason” element, as ultimately-correct war opposition was made into aiding and abetting Osama.
  • For one election cycle, 2008, the near great depression overcame racism and demonization to elect Barack Obama.
  • But immediately afterward, the “Tea Party” — just a new branding of the old Republican coded racism and demonization — fueled the recurrence and metastacizing of the cancers of racism, nativism and demonization. 
  • Added to this were appeals to the insecurity of the base — “Those condescending coastal elites want to force death panels and socialism down your throat.  They’re laughing at you at their fancy colleges in the East and West.”
  • In 2016, the Republican cauldron was boiling over with these poisons plus toxic misogyny, and elected the perfect Republican candidate to stir the evil mixture with outright criminal accusations by a criminal candidate.

In 2017, any Democrat is treasonous, corrupt, favors open-borders, wants to give your taxes to minorities, lies, condescends and (gasp) may be an email-using woman. 

Ol’ Roy may be a pedophile, but at least he’s not a Democrat.

Note: h/t and kudos to Driftglass and Bluegal for inspiring this diary.

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