So now that they have ‘won,’ they realize they are not prepared to govern.  If they had been better educated in history, this might not have become such a quagmire.  But the Taliban is fast becoming their own worst enemy due to poor understanding to even plan for a future.

“We struggled and fought in extreme poverty. Now our leaders are ruling and have luxury cars and lots of facilities, but the majority of mujahideen don’t have salaries and their families are worse off,” says the fighter, who uses one name.


But the Taliban are fast finding that winning a war is easier than governing, say analysts, and are overwhelmed by the challenge of feeding and ensuring services to some 40 million people.…

And now they are fighting amongst themselves just to control their own…

“There is a clear understanding among the leadership that it’s way more problematic than they thought it would be, so right now they are under pressure to control their own men,” says Rahmatullah Amiri, a Kabul-based independent expert on the Taliban.

Its not easy to govern a country, let alone one so steeped in ancient ideas without learning to accomplish something they never experienced.  Had their leaders had the presence of mind to take a look at their history, they would have understood the difficulties they would be faced with.  A country so fractured by divisions.

Failure to meet expectations – among Taliban faithful and civilians alike – could lead to an unraveling for the jihadis, who are already deeply unpopular in many provinces, and often thin on the ground.

We may yet see a massive civil war erupt in this region, unless their leadership becomes more unified in helping their people than dividing the ‘spoils of war.’  Its becoming obvious that they never even bothered to think about the economic needs of an entire country.  This alone will bring its own problems and could very well cause their own citizens to rise up against them due to their ineptness.

“There’s nothing inevitable about the Taliban remaining in power in this form.”

UPDATE:  I want to extend my thanks for such a lively discourse.  I never expected such spirited responses as I’m seeing here and am extremely happy to see it. 

Thank you all for your stories, comments and ideas, for without engaging discourse and debate, ideas would never emerge.  Nor would information unknown previously be widely shared so openly.

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