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Tiffany Trump (or Trumpina as David Letterman refers to her which I find fantastic), and her mother Ex-Mrs. Donald Trump #2, just had themselves a nearly free vacation in Rome, Italy and some rich friend’s nearby yacht, part of which was courtesy of you and I, the American taxpayer.

The Rome hotel room was nearly free, or comped (completely free), the stay on the friend’s yacht was obviously free, and they drove around Italy in rental cars for which the tab was picked up by the State Department. 

The Secret Service met them when they disembarked off of  their good friend Chahrazad Rizk’s yacht . So, the Secret Service didn’t get to stay on the yacht so obviously had to stay in some hotel, racking up that bill. I guess there are no dangers out at sea (except for the Middle eastern name sounding yacht owner, really taking a risk there palling around with suspected Muslims  if you ask me). 

  • Official government records show three payments were made by the State Department to a car rental agency in Rome on July 18 totaling $117,489.44
  • That pales in comparison to the $1,956,949.73 that was spent at the same agency back in May during President Trump’s 48-hour trip to Italy
  • Two days later Secret Service agents arrived in Portofino to meet Tiffany Trump as she disembarked from a two-week yacht trip on the Tyrrhenian Sea
  • The First Daughter and her mother Marla Maples were guests of their good friend Chahrazad Rizk, who is the founder of TEC Interior Design, on Mirage IV
  • Once in Rome, Marla stayed in a reduced-rate hotel suite at the Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa, which she posted photos of to Instagram
  • Tiffany is now back in the United States and will begin law school at Georgetown in September


Sponging off others and not paying for anything is typical for this class of “rich” people. Know rich friends and stay at their yacht, go out to eat and let others pay the tab, (hashtag your clothes and get designers to give you free stuff — see Mrs. Steve Mnuchin) this is typical behavior. But what is a mystery to me why on earth does the State Department have to pick up their rental car tab? OK so there were Secret Service people accompanying them — it should be the other way around — they should have to pay for the Secret Service rental cars. This is even more bold and brazen than Trump making them pay to rent golf carts. And we taxpayers have to pay for their EX WIVES, too? The Trump family is one big grift. 

Remember those EPA gym memberships, costing less than $1 million per year, that Scott Pruitt was so proud of abolishing? That million dollar savings is vaporized in one Trump outing.  No perks for regular people,  But it’s perfectly ok to throw away much more on the Trump extended family. Such hypocrisy 

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