Sometimes I love it when I’m right. Yesterday I penned a article stating that we might be hearing from Flynn earlier than we thought, since his lawyers are talking to Robert Mueller. And back on November 17th, I wrote about a two bit Turkish thug named Reza Zarrab, and why he could sound a death knell for Michael Flynn.

To be brief, Zarrab was a turkish citizen who got caught laundering money to get to Iran in a gold for oil swap violating US sanctions on Iran. He’s only important because in addition to kidnapping a Turkish cleric who is now a permanent US resident, Mike Flynn was also expected to use his influence to get Zarrab out of federal custody so he could go home to Turkey. In return for this, Flynn and his son would be paid up to $10 million. Mueller is investigating a December meeting at the 21 Club in New York where the scheme was alleged to have taken place.

The reason I wrote about Zarrab was because on the eve of his trial, he suddenly disappeared from the Metro Correctional Center in New York, where he was being held. He was still being held in federal custody, but he was not going to be appearing at trial. The obvious assumption at the time was that Mueller had grabbed him to try to get him flip on Mike Flynn.It’s no longer an assumption. The Daily beast is reporting that it is official, Mueller has flipped Reza Zarrab, he’s singing like Celine Dion. He has pleaded guilty to seven counts in a superceding indictment, commonly known as a “plea deal.”

This is probably not good news for Michael Flynn. According to reporting, the case against Zarrab was strong. And there is no sense in flipping Zarrab against his co-defendant, he”s not a ig enough fish. So, if Mueller is dealing with Zarrab, he must be ready to hand him somebody else, or at least provide some pretty strong lines for Mueller to tug on to get to someone higher up the food chain. Michael Flynn? After all, Mueller already has information linking Flynn’s name to Zarrab, A possible $15M worth of links.if the ruors of the December 21 Club meeting are true. Also, Flynn has been in Turkeys pocket for quite a while now. Turkey must want Zarrab back pretty badly to be willing to pay major coin to get him sprung. Zarrab was netted in New York, it would have made perfectr sense to have Zarrab act as a go between for Flynn and Ankara.

To be clear, the Daily Beast did not claim that Zzrrab had ratted out Flynn, only that he had copped a plea. But taking into consideration that there was really no good reason for him to disappear just to cop a plea, which he could have done anytime, and the rumors that Mueller had him, it does leave the door wide open that he may have something else to share that was worth giving him a deal, maybe information on Michael Flynn. This could help explain why, in the middle of a holiday week, Flynn’s defense team severed connections with the Trump defense team, and then met all day on Monday with Mueller’s investigators.Stay tuned for further details.

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