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Pandemic Truth and Consequences

Donald is nothing if not interesting in his use of truth or the lack thereof. He seems to have no inner dialogue, his mind is on perpetual loud-speaker so the truth and the lies are mixed together in a fascinating slaw of thoughts, memes, fantasies, and mysterious brain farts. What can we glean from his conversation with Tom Woodward about the Pandemic?

So when the tapes made by Bob Woodward reveal that Donald knew exactly how dangerous COVID was going to be…

This is consistently verified with a November 2019 warning he received from US Intelligence/Pentagon, and which he passed on to Israel and NATO (Israel actually acted on this warning, unsuccessfully), indicating that this new viral outbreak had all the makings of a Global Pandemic. Then again in December when an Admiral informed him this was going to almost certainly be a “Black Swan” event capable of killing over a hundred thousand people, and again in January when a member of his own staff (Peter Navarro) warned him, and as we now know from Woodwards recordings shortly thereafter, the further conversations Trump had with his National Security Team.

In fact, here’s an amazing timeline of the history of the general conversation of pandemic  from Clinton to Trump, and here is the specific timeline for how COVID 19 was handled by the Trump Administration. Don’t let anyone ever tell you Trump wasn’t getting regular pressure to get the nation prepared for a Pandemic or that the Alarms and Red Warning Lights weren’t flashing all over D.C. months before anyone was even talking publically about COVID. Trump simply didn’t give a damn.

So How Do We Read This?

Which begs the questions, what exactly did Trump mean by “Preventing a Panic.” Most just look to make this just another one of Donald’s thousands of lies, but I don’t think so. Of course, he’ll try to spin it as doing the right thing, the wise thing, the responsible thing, but as everyone else has made so abundantly clear, panic is one of Trump’s primary tools to manipulate his base, and he isn’t at all shy about using it.

This is, I think, one more time Donald was speaking the silent part out loud in the open. You just have to remember to look at his words through the lens of what best serves him.

What has Donald jealously protected over the last 18 months, the one shining thing he could point at and claim (however falsely) “I did this.” The would-be centerpiece of his reelection efforts?

It’s The Economy.

The one place he could not afford a “PANIC”. Do whatever had to be done to minimize, downplay, hide, obfuscate, and pretend there was no problem here. Until the house burnt down. And then on the still-hot embers, Donald stands, shouting “It’s all over!” as the fire rages on around him. Let’s all get back to normal!!!

Because he needs to get that stock market value back up by election day at any cost. He’s put an imbecile, an X-Ray Technician (with less than no expertise in Pandemic), in the public eye as his Administration’s Spokesperson pushing the new message. Let’s just embrace COVID and hope for Herd Immunity! We’re going to cynically kill 3 – 10 million people, to get those stock numbers back up, and Moscow Mitch has our back. Comrade Mitch is going to make sure the nation’s corporations can use their employees like gun fodder without the fear or ramifications of legal liability.

So the billionaires have nothing to panic about. You and I, we need to vote for change, before the real panic set’s in.


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  1. Bob! Mr. Woodward’s name is not Tom, it’s Bob! Your article loses all credibility when you don’t get the lead characters’ names right. Your heart may be in the right place, but your brain is AWOL.


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