Whoops! North Korea just fired more missiles

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Oh oh. Cancel Donald Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize.


North Korea on Saturday fired several unidentified short-range projectiles into the sea off its eastern coast, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said, a likely sign of Pyongyang’s growing frustration at stalled diplomatic talks with Washington meant to provide coveted sanctions relief in return for nuclear disarmament.

South Korea’s military has bolstered its surveillance in case there are additional weapons launches, and South Korean and U.S. authorities are analyzing the details. If it’s confirmed that the North fired banned ballistic missiles, it would be the first such launch since the North’s November 2017 test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. That year saw a string of increasingly powerful weapons tests from the North and a belligerent response from President Donald Trump that had many in the region fearing war.

So what exactly has Donald Trump accomplished, first by baiting Kim and then wholeheartedly embracing him and legitimizing his brutal regime? You guessed it. Nada. Then again, Trump never had a plan.

The launch comes amid a diplomatic breakdown that has followed the failed summit earlier this year between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over the North’s pursuit of nuclear bombs that can accurately target the U.S. mainland. The North probably has viable shorter range nuclear armed missiles but still needs more tests to perfect its longer-range weapons, according to outside analysts.

South Korea said in a statement it’s “very concerned” about North Korea’s weapons launches, calling them a violation of last year’s inter-Korean agreements to reduce animosities between the countries.

Wait, has anyone checked whether these missiles were loaded with beautiful love letters to Trump? Because that would change everything.

How can a lifelong conman be so easily conned? It’s like Houdini getting fooled by “got your nose.” Then again, if he’s a bad conman who gets caught a lot and bailed out by his family, money, and connections, well, that would explain it.

But Trump blundered into the North Korea thing with his Acme Diplomacy Kit and stumbled out covered in gunpowder and singed hair.

And all we have to show for it is a couple of jokey summits and a continued hemorrhaging of international standing.

Thanks, Donald. Maybe just stay home for the next two years, okay?


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Sick of the Con
Sick of the Con

Well don’t see the media parading it everywhere. But before when Trump thought only he could solve it, it was frong page news. Now, like in previous administrations, its just a crazy man testing weapons. Just like the caravan that was front news when Trump wanted it to be an emergency.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico
Did anyone ever believe Kim would ever give up his nukes ? That which has kept his family in power for over 60 years ? And if you were the leader of a country that had neighbors ( CHINA , INDIA ,PAKISTAN, ISRAEL, RUSSIA) that threatened your country with WMDs ) ,would you also want them ? And would you give them up knowing the United States has killed everyone that they convinced to give up WMDs ? . Only a fool would and did ( they are dead ) . I remind folks that Asia has more NUKES than… Read more »