Whoa! Trump Lashes Out At Fox News, Says They ‘Forget Who Put Them There’

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Who knows what Fox News did to deserve this onslaught from their Viewer in Chief, the only viewer that they truly care about pleasing — except tonight, they emphatically did not. Here’s what Comrade Cheeto launched into the ether net on Sunday night.

Wow! Sure a 180% turnaround from his posture on Friday, when he was leaving for his golf course in New Jersey and grinning like the Cheshire cat, about great job numbers this month. He was floating euphorically to reelection just two nights ago. But then Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t cooling his heels in the house of many doors two nights ago.

Now, going over to the Fox News website, the obvious thing that I see is Jeffrey Epstein being referred to as a monster and a Fox anchor calling for the removal of Alex Acosta. This must not be setting well with Tiny Thumbs. The rest is pretty boring stuff, Starbucks meeting with the Sheriff of Tempe and Michael Bennet talking about his presidential run — you could put an insomniac wired on meth to sleep with that drivel. So, it had to be “you helped cover up a pedophile billionaire’s sex schemes on an epic scale…will we see some accountability from Alex Acosta? He really needs to resign.” And then a female anchor chimed in, “I have zero tolerance for sex crimes.” Then another anchor gave assurances that Trump would deal with this, as he always does. “When you distract from the president’s agenda, you no longer need to be there.”

What could Trump possibly find objectionable? Fox News has made Acosta the fall guy. Somebody has to bit the dust, Donnie, and you don’t expect Fox News to suggest it be you, do you?

It will be interesting to see where this goes. Somebody better call Sean Hannity.

Here’s a bit of humor from Twitter, who is oozing with concern and sympathy for Trump, as always.


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Krazy Horse
Krazy Horse

Great insightful article! That’s the thing about Trump that should be the answer to every prosecutor’s prayers. He has no control over his mouth nor his teeny tiny thumbs in spilling the beans about himself. All of his communications are evidence for–hopefully, not very distant–future use.


Acosta being IN CHARGE of enforcing the law in regards to SEX TRAFFICKING is absolutely disgraceful. He got Epstein OFF ten years ago when found guilty of the same things he was just caught doing again. TRUMP IS GUILTY AS WELL. Judging by the amount of files and hard drives taken from Epsteins’ home It’s most likely going to come out … a LOT of people must be terrified.