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This is comical. Melania’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham pushes back on the New York Times story that Trump has decreed that all television sets shall be turned to Fox News, and reminds us what a serious person Melania is.

NAS is natal abstinence syndrome, wherein a baby is born drug addicted and goes through withdrawal. This is apparently Melania’s new platform, a spin off from the opoid crisis, an issue she was put in charge of after Jared abandoned it. Melania kept it for about a week, then she passed the torch to Kellyanne Conway and now apparently it’s back in her hands. She did a photo op blowing bubbles with the kids diagnosed with NAS at a hospital in Tennessee Tuesday.

My take on it is that the White House communications staff is desperate to depict Melania as doing something important and constructive, while the evidence piling up against her husband becomes more damning by the hour, but then again I’m cynical.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Melania is indeed a social reformer of powerful motivation and compassion, sort of a cross between Carrie Nation and Florence Nightingale and she’s going to go right in and clean this issue up, drug addicted mothers on one hand and bullied kids on the other. Let’s see what actual steps are taken to address these issues besides photo ops and press coverage, which in Trump World is synonymous with success. The truth of the matter is that none of Trump’s relatives are qualified to do much of anything of substance and Melania is the least qualified, and clearly the least concerned of all. This is damage control, nothing more.

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  1. My heart bleeds for Melania as she struggles mightily to remain stoic and headstrong in a predicament that is a veritable magnet for negative press. I wish I could say that her husband was not in complete control of her but that just might be a stretch. Trump is the consummate power freak with dictatorial tendencies and an insatiable ego. I hope that she has the courage and the desire to uplift her own womanhood and remain independent enough to stand up to Agent Orange and view whatever she feels like watching. We all know that Trump demands total subjugation from all Americans and he definitely requires it of his most dedicated supporters. Melania has the dubious task of existing in Trumps innermost circle while maintaining some semblance of personal independence. The struggle to coexist with such a tyrannical individual must be extremely exhausting. She has in the past and continues to this day endured humiliation and disrespect that can most certainly be directly attributed to her husband and his questionable and sometimes bizarre behaviors. Watch the news that actually does bring the truth in reporting, Melania. You have that right!!!

    • I don’t see Melania as any kind of a heroic figure. I see her as a grifter, just like the guy she’s married to. The display with the “I really don’t care, do U?” jacket was the final nail in the coffin.

      • I absolutely agree with you Ursula Faw. I was previously prepared to go along with the argument Vincent Brown espouses, but after that coat, and many issues before and after, she is as much part of Trump as the rest of his family. Of course, she could just be immensely stupid, but even immensely stupid people don’t lack empathy and other human qualities. This woman is a cardboard cut out of a person.


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