The Lincoln Project released this new ad, which is also running in Bedminster, NJ, where trump typically summers. The ad asks who sold out Trump to the federal agents that led to the search by the FBI at Mar-A-Lago. The ad speculates that it might be Jared Kushner or Ivanka or Don Jr or Melania or Meadows or any of his so-called friends who he has treated like dirt over the years.


It is a clever attempt to change the narrative of the right, get inside trump’s head and shine a light on trump’s criminal and possibly treasonous behavior.


Rick Wilson –

We knew that Donald Trump would try to gaslight the entire country and try to psychologically destabilize the minute this raid happened. We knew he would immediately start lying and they would immediately try to tell an alternate narrative of why it’s happening and why it’s really happening.

And we wanted to immediately push back. And something we’re good at — which is getting inside his decision cycle and getting inside his head space and pushing back in a way that we’ve been very, very successful in the past.

George Conway and Peter Strzok exchanging tweets on the subject of moles –


The picture is of James Jesus Angleton, chief of counterintelligence for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from 1954 to 1974, who led an obsessive search for purported KGB moles in the CIA.

May trump drown in his own paranoia, as the walls close in and the rats start squealing –


trump and his enablers have nowhere to hide — so they make up and push another big lie.


Let’s fight back this ugly narrative from the lawless right to defend trump, a narrative that is getting uglier and uglier by the minute with calls for violence and calls to dismantle the state. Let’s seize the moment to educate the American public that trump and his enablers, which includes the entire republican party leadership, are modern-day Nazis, whose goal is to destroy our Democracy and the American way of life, so that they hold on to power and wealth. They are a vocal group, they are a minority, but they will remain a minority only if the majority fights back.

No, this is not who we are or what we want to become. Most Americans will emphatically reject these sociopaths, once they become more aware of the reality of the modern right.


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