Who does Bill Barr Work For, anyways?

Attorney General William Barr says he is working to prepare Robert Mueller's Russia investigation report to be released to the public, with redactions.

No seriously.  The time for rhetorical nuance is over.  Who does Bill Barr work for, anyways?  The American people … or the American Executive, who (in Barr’s opinion) is always beyond the reach of the Law …

Barr declines to answer question of whether White House has seen or been briefed on the Mueller report

From CNN’s Manu Raju — April 9, 2019

Attorney General William Barr just shut the door on Chairwoman Nita Lowey when she asks if the White House has seen or been briefed on Mueller report.

I’m not going to say anything more about it,” Barr responded.

What he did say: He’s planning on releasing the redacted report “within a week.” Until then, Barr wants to wait on discussing it further.

Trump’s weekend Tweets attacking Bob Mueller AGAIN — after weeks of praising the Special Counsel Team for their “exoneration” — would seem to indicate Donald got a copy of the Mueller Report (or at least the REAL executive summaries), AND he is not at all pleased with the ‘Total Exoneration’ Report, anymore …

If the Mueller Report truly exonerates the Executive Time-taker, Barr would have released it in full weeks ago.  And Trump wouldn’t have spent Saturday, slinging mud at the SCO Team again.

But since it doesn’t, according to leaks from the Mueller Team themselves, Barr is stalling for time and making up excuses for his plan to redact as much a possible.

And if indeed Barr has given Trump a copy of the Mueller ReportBEFORE letting the Congress see a page of it — then William Barr is treading into John Mitchell territory.  (AG Mitchell went to prison for 19 months, for conducting Obstruction on Nixon’s behalf.)

Even Attorney Generals must FOLLOW THE LAW — that they are sworn to enforce, for the benefit of the America PeopleNOT for the benefit of those under investigation!

The fact that Barr would not answer the direct questions about whether Trump has seen the Report — indicates a consciousness of guilt.  Barr knew that he would be committing Perjury, to have directly answered the question, with an outright denial.

Thus the non-denial, non-answer.   In other words, the answer of a compromised man, who definitely has a lot to hide in addition to hiding the actual findings of the Mueller Report … currently in progress …

— — —

In summary: William Barr by his words and actions (and non-answers) is proving every day, that he is working to protect the interests of Donald Trump, instead of the interests of the American People:

Americans used to have the right to know, what these Investigations found out.  What’s different this time around?  (Besides the boldness of crimes and the ongoing Cover-up?)

Who in the world does Bill Barr work for, anyways?

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