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This is so fucking disturbing on so many levels.  Kentucky gunman allegedly told a ”good guy with a gun” that, ”Whites don’t kill whites.”  So, of course, he decided to kill a couple of innocent black people…


JEFFERSONTOWN, KY (WAVE) – The calm of a sunny Wednesday afternoon in Louisville’s quiet east end was turned upside down when two people were shot dead at a popular suburban grocery store.

And it appears that race was the motivating factor.

Jeffersontown Police Chief Sam Rogers said late Wednesday afternoon that a man walked into the busy Kroger location at 9080 Taylorsville Road, near the corner of Hurstbourne Parkway, and fired multiple shots at a man.

The shooter then walked outside and fired more shots at a woman. Both of those victims died at the scene, Rogers said.

Moments after the killer shot the woman in the parking lot, the suspect then encountered another man who had a gun. They fired shots at each other but missed. One witness told WAVE 3 News that the shooter at one point said “whites don’t kill whites.”

Multiple sources have confirmed to WAVE 3 News that both victims were black. They have not been officially identified.

(Point of clarification- according to all of the news reports that I’ve read about this incident, it was the shooter that actually made the statement.)

Goodness…white racists believe some really insane mythology, for one…I thought that everyone knew that most of the time, people are killed by someone that they know and, therefore, whites are overwhelmingly the killers of white victims…that’s been true as long as I’ve read stats on this issue.

But still…smdh

This is where we are nowadays, I guess. Openly shooting black people because they are black people and for no other reason?

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