White trio with gun threatens black volunteer at Charlotte polling site

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It’s interesting that when white people call the police on black people and claim they feel insecure around them, it is frequently for banal things like attending their child’s soccer game; but when the police are called on white folks, it’s usually for acting super sketchy and frightening—and lo and behold, they even sometimes end up being domestic terrorists. Derek Partee is a Republican. He is also black, and he lives in North Carolina. He told police that three white people, pictured below in a Facebook post written by Partee, began harassing and threatening him, dropping N-bombs, and showing they were carrying firearms, all while he was working at a polling place in Charlotte. Partee wrote about the experience on Facebook:

Down here in Steele Creek working the polls just threatened by two white males in a white female who called me a Nigger, Black piece of shit and he exposed his weapon.
I had to back off and call CMPD, folks are getting bold and forward in the time.

Police arrested one of the men, Jason Donald Wayne.* Wayne can be seen in the photos wearing a t-shirt depicting a variation of Marvel Comics’ Punisher character. Punisher imagery has been a frequent symbol for militia and extremist Second Amendment types for some time now.

Researchers at the ADL could not say for sure what this skull icon represents, but it may be a variation on this Marvel Comics character’s logo. The Punisher logo is frequently used by the military, police and anti-government militia groups such as the Three Percenters.

According to the Raleigh, North Carolina, News & Observer, Wayne was “charged with ethnic intimidation, communicating threats, disorderly conduct and going armed to the terror of the public.” Partee spoke with the paper and gave a breakdown of his interaction with these nightmares.

“He said something about being a Republican, I said I am a Republican, he said ‘Motherf***** you ain’t s***,’” Partee said.

“They didn’t care whether I was a Democrat or a Republican, they just cared that I was black.”

Here’s some more about Wayne.

As for Wayne, he isn’t registered to vote in North Carolina. State records show that someone with his name and date of birth is a convicted felon, having served more than a year in prison during 2015 and 2016 for assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury. And while it’s illegal for felons to vote in North Carolina while they’re serving any part of their sentence, including parole, their voting rights are automatically restored after the sentence is over and Wayne’s parole ended in 2017, according to state records.

*Having three first names seems to be a bad sign these days.

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